Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank #72

It is about 9 p.m. Pacific Time. The kids are in bed but not asleep. We got home about 8:40. Thursday nights are late nights for us. We are attending a parenting class. Here's what happens: Every Thursday afternoon I think, "Oh, I don't have the energy for this tonight." And every Thursday night after the class, I think, "This is wonderful! I am learning and growing."

WOW - okay, now it is 11:00 and my husband I just talked for 2 hours about what we are learning. I bought the 5 love languages books about 8 years ago and I think my husband and I just figured out what our respective "love languages" are. I am thankful for the class and for the growth in my marriage - as a couple and as a parenting unit.

I am also thankful that Wednesday night I typed out some thankful thoughts because now I am too tired to think beyond that. I was going to edit them (leave some things out, add other things, edit my thoughts, etc) but now you just it 'as is'.

Here are some things that are filling up my thanks tank:

Praying with my kids: Last night I had a teachable moment with one of my children. He was overtired and being overdramatic. I talked to him and we prayed. I am thankful for praying with my children (especially prayers that are beyond mealtime blessings and bedtime prayers).

Clothes: I am over-run with laundry. It frustrates me to no end that I seem to be unable to stay on top of it. As I was folding and folding and folding the clothes, I decided to thank God for our clothes. I am being purposeful (and dedicated) to thankfulness even when I am doing something that does not thrill me.

Muddy Shoes: My oldest son when out to play one afternoon and came home with muddy shoes. They were so muddy that his socks were soaked and brown inside of his shoes. I had him peel those off and carry his shoes to the laundry room. I told him that he sure was a boy! And he said, “Wow, you didn’t get mad at me.” I am not even sure what the point of this story is except that his response made me smile. I am thankful that I responded the way I did.

Bananas: Last week I made a quick run to the grocery store. I was at a local grocery and I noticed that they had their bananas on sale for 38 cents a pound. I noticed that was a great deal. This- the price of the bananas- was a milestone for me. I am starting to recognize normal prices and real sale prices. That was so encouraging!

My hard working husband: His work is really stressful right now. He has been putting in a lot of crazy hours. He has to work most of the weekend. I am thankful for his job. I am thankful that he cares sincerely for the people that he works with. I appreciate all that he does when he is home after a long day at work.

Thomas’s songs: My 3 year-old likes to come downstairs in the morning singing. It is the cutest thing and I have no idea where he gets it because my hubby and I don’t sing. This morning he came down and then said the he was not awake yet because he forgot to sing. He went back upstairs and came down singing. I am thankful that he wakes up that way. (Oh, and I wish I did!)

My clean kitchen floor (and my little helpers): David and Thomas helped me clean the kitchen floor this week. It was amazing how much fun they had. I am thankful that I gave myself the extra time needed to let them help. I am also VERY thankful for my clean floor. Yep, I have swept it about 6 times sine we moped but the floor is still much, much, much cleaner.

Oh, one more... I am thankful for little girl ponytails:


Trisha said...

What a great outlook you have on so many things that could be daily downers!

Beth E. said...

It's really all about our perspective and attitude regarding our daily lives, isn't it? Thanks for reminding me just how much I have to be thankful for!

Have a great weekend...

Kimberly said...

loved your thankful list and am so impressed with your dedication of writing it up and posting it every week.

Jane Anne said...

This exercise has affected my life. It has had a huge impact on my attitude from week to week. It is my favorite post - the only real one that I cannot imagine doing. I do it for me and I hope it encourages other. Thanks for reading along!

He And Me + 3 said...

Great post this week. I realize sales too. .38 ours are .55 cents. That is a deal for Bananas. I love your kitchen floor too and all your helpers. Those ponytails are cute too:)

RLR said...

Love the ponytail, too! My little guy (well, he's 5 now) loves to vacuum the floor with our Shark sweeper. He calls it "my shark" - and I'm ok with (and thankful for) his floor-cleaning enthusiasm!

Pam said...

I loved this list and especially the photos. I agree wholeheartedly with Kimberly and applaud your dedication to this weekly exercise in gratitude. You inspire me!