Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday Thanks Tank #213

My thankful list on this Thursday, Sept 22:

My father-in-law. It's his birthday. I am thankful for all that he does for his family. I am thankful for the way he parented my husband. I am thankful for how much he shows others he cares. I am thankful for the way he loves my mother-in-law.

A trail run with a friend. I went on a trail run with my friend this morning. She is the best running partner I have ever had. We're sole sisters. But, unfortunately, our schedules have been such that we haven't been able to run together in a long time. This morning was wonderful. The miles flew by and the smiles were big. We laughed and talked and ran. It was very, very nice.

Neighbors.  I met a neighbor of mine today and if my first impression is right, we are going to be good friends. She is probably a little younger than my parents. I love her already. We talked for a long time. And when we were done and said it's great to meet, we finished the meeting with a hug. That's a good feeling.

Rain and sunshine. They make rainbows.

Amazon Prime. I am such a last minute person. The free two day shipping is a life saver time and time again. The one day shipping came in handy this week.

Brownies. They are in the oven. They are going to be a nice surprise for my kids, three of which are getting ready to get home from practice.

My Dishwasher and my Washer and Dryer. I will never run out of dishes to wash and I will never get caught up on washing and folding and putting up clothes. I cannot imagine my life without these appliances. I would struggle. I just cannot even imagine.

People who challenge me. Challenges are good. Sometimes people purposely challenge me. I have a friend who constantly posts motivational quotes on FB. I have other friends that encourage me to eat well. Other times people challenge me because to me they are challenging people. I grow through these interactions. I am thankful for my challenges- both the ones I welcome and the ones that I'd rather avoid.

Yard work. I spent just about 30 minutes pulling weeds today. I love being outside and getting my hands dirty. I love working with plants. I simply love being outside and working with nature.

Music. This morning before work and school, we listened to Rocky Top, Sweet Home Alabama and Coming Home. I love music and how some songs have a special meaning.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Thursday Thanks Tank #212

My life is so busy I cannot keep up with it. The funny part about that is that the core of my busyness is my kids' activities. It's become ever important that I pause to notice, appreciate and make time for small things.

Today, at this moment on this Thursday, September 8th, I am thankful for these things:

Carpools. As hard as it is to get my kids everywhere they need to be, I couldn't do it without several carpools. Often I have to have 2 kids in two places at the same time. That's simple, as long as my husband is in town and he isn't always in town. There have been a few times where I needed to be in three places. It gets so interesting. We are doing the football/cheer carpool tonight. So, while my husband was picking up three kids to add to our van of three kids, I was taking my oldest from cross country practice to band practice.

A quiet moment. Or, rather, being able to be still in the quiet moment. I have an hour before I have to go pick up my son. I got home about 20 minutes ago and as soon as I got home I started to do one of many, many things I need to do. Then, I sat down and just listened. I listened and I paused and I decided to think about all that I appreciate.

My new home. This past weekend we moved into our new home. We went from renting to owning and it feels sooo good. Yes, we have owned before. Yes, we actually still own another home in another state on the other side of the country. But, feels wonderful. It feels amazing to be in a home we own. I can't even explain it so I will stop trying. I am just happy to be where we are and have a feeling we are going to stay awhile.

My bathtub. Seriously. I'm putting that out there. The last two houses we rented did not have a master bath. Seriously. I could shower or go to the kids bath. This house has it's very own garden tub. I looove it.

My Yeti. I drink water from my Yeti like it is the best drink ever. I love how cold my Yeti keeps water.

A new desk. I spent a few days over the weekend looking at Craig's List for a desk. My husband sometimes works from home and we really wanted to get a desk for him to use. On Sunday, I popped on Facebook 2 minutes after a friend of mine advertised a desk on a FB community site- for free. It just happened, just like that. She was thrilled to give it to someone she knows and I am thrilled to have something that meets our immediate needs.

A memory. One of my Facebook memories from today was the night before my second son, David, started Kindergarten. The last part of the status went like this: "Let's see, school supplies - check. Life saving medicine - check. Emotions - not in check." The memory made me smile. He's in 7th grade now and he has never had to use his Epipen at school. School has gone well. So many people have kept him safe over the years, both actively at school and in prayer. I am so very thankful for that memory and the reminder that David's peanut allergy has only caused inconveniences and not allergic reactions at school.

Arguments. So the other day my husband and I got into a small argument. It blossomed quickly and grew into all kinds of irritation and smashed feelings. And even in the middle of it-- okay, no- not the middle of it. more like toward the end when I just wanted to work it all out (and hear him apologize. just kidding. sorta)-- I knew I loved him. I am not thankful for the argument, really. I am thankful for what I see when the dust settles (dirt stops flying). I thankful for the love we have and the desire we have to mend brokenness when it happens. I am thankful for a healthy, hearty relationship.

My family. I have an outstanding family. My kids impress me. My husband works hard. My parents celebrated 48 years of marriage yesterday. My grandma turned 90 this summer. My sister listens. My sister challenges me to be a better person. My husband loves me. My in-laws encourage me. I have a unique, very diverse family and each person's influence on me is something I appreciate.

My dogs. I have no idea why they have been so quiet since I got home. I kinda wonder what they are into. It's like having toddlers all over again. They are my babies. They make me smile... unless they got into something...