Thursday, April 26, 2012

Eleven (TTT #181)

Oh how time flies! I spent time this afternoon looking through old photos. I remembered so many events from time gone by.
How is it possible that time moves slowly but flies by?

 You were once a chubby kissable kid.
Now I steal my kisses from you, at night when I am telling you, "Good night, Sweet dreams, no bad dreams." I also sneak in a gentle kiss on the top of your head before you run out the door for school.

I look at you and I see a strong young man. A young man!
It's hard to believe that you are getting so big. I can still see the little boy that wouldn't touch his first birthday cake.
I thought of that sweet 1 year old when I saw this...

You are such a strong kid. Resilient.
This year has been another year of transition.
It hasn't been easy on you. I know that.
I am proud of you. 
We've moved a lot - 6 states in 11 years.
It hasn't been easy on you to make friends in new schools.
You never give up- never quit trying. That is a great quality to have.
It's good in friendships.

It's also good in video games. Oh how you love your games!

You've always loved achievements.
When you were five you got your first legos- a rather large set that indicated it was for age 8 and up. You tediously poured over the instructions with determination until you got the entire Batman Lego set together. You showed it to me proudly and then said, "I think I'll take it apart and do it again."

When I asked you recently what you want to be when you grow up, you said, "In charge." This makes me smile. You thrive when you are able to lead.
You also said that you want to develop video games like Notch (the creator of Minecraft).
I know you will succeed in whatever you want to do.

I hope you know how much I love you.
A mother's love is hard to define.
I loved you before you were born.
I became a mom because you were born.
I try not to embarrass you.
I want to be there for you but I don't want to get in your way.
I want to give you space to grow and give you support to do what you want to do.
I pray for you.
I adore you.

Your hugs are powerful.
I feel stronger after you hug me.
I suppose it means that your hugs squeeze just the right place in my heart.
Your smile -especially that bright, full dimple smile- is delightful like the first snow of winter or a rainbow in the spring.
Your words- I cherish what you say. I am thankful that you talk to me. Don't ever stop sharing your highs and lows with me.
I will always listen to you.

 I will always love you.

My first born son turned eleven on Monday. I am tremendously thankful for him.

This is my Thursday Thanks Tank.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WFMW: Star Wars Lego Party

My 3rd son's birthday was this past Saturday. We decorate for birthdays while the kids are asleep so they wake up to a party.

This year, my son requested a Star Wars Lego theme. He said, "I want Star Wars Lego decorations but if you can't do Star Wars Lego, then just Star Wars."

So naturally, I had to figure out a way to use both legos and star wars in the decorations.


A new shirt~
I decided to try my hand at freezer paper stenciling.
My son loves Boba Fett.  I found a Boba Fett image online, printed it and then made a stencil on freezer paper. I ironed it on the shirt, painted the shirt with fabric paint, and let it dry overnight. In the morning I painted over the white paint with glow-in-the-dark paint.
My son loved it.
Here's my son with his new shirt (and new helmet) on.
Not the best picture (because it's hard to hold your hand still apparently)... my son loved that his shirt glowed:

Star Wars Snowflakes~
The temperatures have been warm here but I couldn't resist making star wars snowflakes for decorations. I got the idea and templates here: Star Wars Snowflakes
Check out my son's face when he realized the snowflakes were Star Wars snowflakes.

A few of the snowflakes:
Boba Fett Lego Center Piece~ My 10 year old created a Boba Fett Lego Center Piece for the table.
Fun Pictures~ I set up a Star Wars photo booth. My kids thought it was great.
It was a big hit with the kids at my son's party.
I got the photo booth idea from Pure Joy Events: Lego Star Wars Birthday Party. I downloaded a star wars font and a lego font for the sign. The free Lego printables were found here: Delia Creates.

The Death Star~ My husband made a watermelon into the Death Star. My son was impressed.

Yoda Soda~ We finished our birthday celebration with "Yoda Soda" in R2D2 cups. Our Yoda Soda was Lime Sherbet with Sprite poured on top. (By the way, when stirred, these turn into lime slushies. Float or slushy, Yoda Soda is delightful.) I got the R2D2 cup idea here: Catch My Party. I didn't have time to order cups with lids and straws. The kids thought the ones I made were fantastic (my cups were bought at Party City).
It didn't take long for the kids to grab the photo booth props.
We had so much fun celebrating. I suppose you could say it was out of this world!

Dear Mothering Heart: Stages

Dear mothering heart,

Each new stage in your child’s life is full of joy. Remember that.
You may lament the loss of carrying your child up the stairs.
You may wish you could rock them after they crawl onto your lap.
Your kisses will lose their magical power to heal injuries.
It is okay.

Each new stage in your child’s life will bring you joy.
You might inspect insects or dress up fancy just because you can.
You are an after school tutor.
You listen to dreams.
You give counsel about friendships.
The hugs may be fewer (or may not) but they will be noticed more.

Remember, do not miss what was, appreciate what is.

Do not wonder or worry about what is coming. Pray for their future and their present. Be present.

Treasure the smiles of today. Pay attention to the words that are spoken.
Look into your child’s eyes, no matter how big or small they are.

Each new stage in your child’s life will bring  you joy if you embrace it.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

SEVEN (TTT #180)

How is it possible, my little sunshine?
I look at you each day and I cannot believe how you have grown.
You used to be a big ball of love, my chubby little guy.
Now you are one energetic, tough kid.

When you were small, your pacifier (paci) comforted you.
I brought you your paci and "Bobby" and you were happy.
Now you bring me things.
Today, you brought me a smooth, small rock that you found on the way home from school. Then we found a container for the multiple piles of rocks (treasures) you have collected.
You also brought me to a cluster of ants. You marveled at their movement. I watched you with wonder.

You are my child that will try anything at least once.

You have had mohawks (five times).
Daddy gave you your first mohawk when you were three. The most recent was about two weeks ago. The mowhawk is already gone because you hate spending time having to fix your hair.

You want to be three things when you grow up:
A Chef.
An Artist.
A Scientist.

They each fit you perfectly right now--

You enjoy trying new foods. There aren't many flavors that you don't like.

You love to draw and create. I adore the pictures your bring me. I smile when I watch you get messy- and boy, do you get messy!

Your favorite books are not story books. You love non-fiction.
We check out books about animals, rocks, science, insects. You love learning about the world.
I love learning with you.

You have a servant's heart.
Your teacher recently said that you are always the first to help clean up in class.
You give love by doing things for others.
This year you orchestrated a mom's day when it wasn't Mother's Day. You managed to get the whole family involved in catering to me. It was precious and heart-felt-- the sweetest thing ever.
You also feel loved when you are served. When I do something for you, especially something you don't expect, you walk a little lighter and smile a little brighter.

You give amazing hugs. As with most everything you do, you give hugs with passion.

Oh sweetie, my sunshine, I am thankful for you.
I cannot believe that you are going to be seven.
SEVEN. Old enough (according to Daddy) to own your first knife.
SEVEN. Soon to be finished with first grade.

For seven years I have loved you.

I will never stop.


My third son turns seven on Saturday. I am thankful, so very thankful, for him.
This is my Thursday Thanks Tank.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Carrot Cake

For Easter, I made a carrot cake.

It was the best carrot cake ever.
Best part for me - the kids reaction.
Second best part - There were no carrots.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Dear Mother

Dear Mother's Heart,

Remember when your children misbehave, it is not a reflection of your parenting.
You teach. You model good behavior. You guide.
They misbehave because they are young. They are testing the limits- the rules. They are learning right from wrong.
Remember that you are their mother. You love. You teach. You pray. You guide. You discipline. You let them grow. You do your best.

Dear Mother's Heart,
When your children are grown, remember that their behavior is not a reflection of your parenting.
You taught. You gave. You loved. You failed in some ways. You excelled in others.
When your children are grown, they are grown. They are who they want to be or they are trying to be who they want to become. Their actions reflect their heart, not your parenting.
Remember that you are their mother. You love. You hope. You pray. You want the best.
Let them be who they are. Love. Let go.

Dear Mother's Heart,
You will not escape pain- now when the kids are young or when they are grown.
You will also have great delights. Motherhood is not simple. Some seem to have perfection. Perfect mothering is a condition of the heart, not an end result in a relationship.
Does perfection exist? It seems so when you look at others. You do not know what they have or don't have. Remember this- despite circumstances, no one can control love. Don't ever give up on love. Never stop.
Take comfort in this- you birthed your children. Many don't.
Take comfort in this- you pray. Many don't.
Take comfort in this- you love. Many don't.
They may or may not pray or love in return. It doesn't matter.
It really doesn't matter.
Love anyway.
You may be close to your children. You may not.
They may or may not appreciate you.
Keep loving.

Dear Mothering heart,
I wish that I could be the woman I'd like to be.
I wish I were the mom that I strive to be...
I wish I were the daughter that I want to be.
I wish that I could eliminate the struggles.
Struggling is part of motherhood, I think.
I want so much more for you.
So I pray.
Love and prayer are essential to motherhood.

Love. Never stop loving.

1 Peter 4:8 Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Staycation

For Spring Break, we stayed home.

Instead of boredom, we chose liveliness.

Here are some of the ways we played.

When the weather was warm, we went outside.

We camped in the backyard.

We had a game day.

We went played board games.

We rented a few video games to play.

We played balloon games.
We sat in a circle and tried to pass the balloon with our feet.
Then, we tried to keep it in the circle using everything but our hands.
Then, we just tried to keep it in a circle.

We had a balloon race.
We were all on the same team and we were racing the clock.
We did the race twice so we could better our time.

And, yes, Momma and Daddy had as much fun as the kids.

We had an ice cream sundae night.

We laughed a lot.

School starts back Monday. I'm gonna be sad to send the boys back to school.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wonderfully Weird

Tucked within a big Warhead candy egg, each boy found Warhead Spray.
They were delighted and thanked me for this wonderfully weird candy.

It is not like anything else.
It IS worth a lot of laughs.

My daughter only tried it once.

The boys tried it over and over. Our day was full of sour faces and laughter.

Sort of makes you thirsty just thinking about it, doesn't it?