Thursday, April 19, 2012

SEVEN (TTT #180)

How is it possible, my little sunshine?
I look at you each day and I cannot believe how you have grown.
You used to be a big ball of love, my chubby little guy.
Now you are one energetic, tough kid.

When you were small, your pacifier (paci) comforted you.
I brought you your paci and "Bobby" and you were happy.
Now you bring me things.
Today, you brought me a smooth, small rock that you found on the way home from school. Then we found a container for the multiple piles of rocks (treasures) you have collected.
You also brought me to a cluster of ants. You marveled at their movement. I watched you with wonder.

You are my child that will try anything at least once.

You have had mohawks (five times).
Daddy gave you your first mohawk when you were three. The most recent was about two weeks ago. The mowhawk is already gone because you hate spending time having to fix your hair.

You want to be three things when you grow up:
A Chef.
An Artist.
A Scientist.

They each fit you perfectly right now--

You enjoy trying new foods. There aren't many flavors that you don't like.

You love to draw and create. I adore the pictures your bring me. I smile when I watch you get messy- and boy, do you get messy!

Your favorite books are not story books. You love non-fiction.
We check out books about animals, rocks, science, insects. You love learning about the world.
I love learning with you.

You have a servant's heart.
Your teacher recently said that you are always the first to help clean up in class.
You give love by doing things for others.
This year you orchestrated a mom's day when it wasn't Mother's Day. You managed to get the whole family involved in catering to me. It was precious and heart-felt-- the sweetest thing ever.
You also feel loved when you are served. When I do something for you, especially something you don't expect, you walk a little lighter and smile a little brighter.

You give amazing hugs. As with most everything you do, you give hugs with passion.

Oh sweetie, my sunshine, I am thankful for you.
I cannot believe that you are going to be seven.
SEVEN. Old enough (according to Daddy) to own your first knife.
SEVEN. Soon to be finished with first grade.

For seven years I have loved you.

I will never stop.


My third son turns seven on Saturday. I am thankful, so very thankful, for him.
This is my Thursday Thanks Tank.


sharon said...

This made me teary. So sweet! I love how you love your kids!

Foursons said...

He is such a precious, sweet boy. Your post shows his sweet spirit, but also the amazing love we mamas have for our babies. Happy 7th Birthday!