Friday, January 16, 2015

Morning has broken

It was a fly-by kind of morning.

Seth and I got up on time but we hit the floor running. More accurately, he hit the floor running. He got in and out of the shower and woke up kids as I pulled myself out of bed. I've never been quick to get up. It is harder some mornings more than other mornings and last night we stayed up later than we should have. It was rough rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. I stumbled into the kitchen where I was hit with the urgency of the morning.

Lunches were packed, hurriedly and lovingly. One to two servings of fruit were added. The sliced apples are awesome, fresh and organic, but the fruit sticks were purely to delight the kids. Desert was not forgotten.
Two of the boys went from arguing to punching each other in moments. And then there was the discourse from each one trying to explain what made them right.
My daughter had to add a drawing to her homework. Thankfully, I had noticed last night that she missed that part of the assignment. I didn't feel thankful listening to her cry as I packed lunches. Her tears were due to an inability to draw before breakfast.
Somehow, pictures were drawn.
Agendas were signed. Backpacks were packed up.
I pulled my daughter's hair in a quick pony and attached a bow as if to say, there was effort put into this cute hair-do. It wasn't so, unless you count the water I splashed on her hair, trying to tame it.
Hugs were given.

Seth ushered the kids out the door to his truck.
He loaded a bike for the son that prefers to ride his bike to and from school.
Meanwhile in the kitchen, I noticed Seth's hot coffee in the travel mug on the counter. I slipped on my flip-flops and dashed out the door in my PJs to deliver his cup of sanity. Oh what a sight to see! But no one saw me and my man got his coffee.

They left the house with 9 minutes left before the start of the special breakfast at school for dads and kids. Thankfully, school is .6 miles down the road.

Seth will eat a mediocre breakfast in a cafeteria with the kids. He doesn't usually eat breakfast. He'll help the 3 kids navigate the breakfast line. My kids never eat at school and it isn't easy for them to manage or at least it wasn't the last time they went to the breakfast. They'll eat and listen to a speaker. Seth will get to work late. The kids don't realize what it takes to be there by 6:55. They don't realize the effort that was made. They do love the breakfast and taking their dad to school.

I marvel at the morning that Seth and I had. We had a moment of tenderness in bed just before he got up to go to the shower. Never mind that I was hardly coherent. That moment was real, and important. Love. Once he was driving out the driveway, it was as if we had flown by each other.

This morning was all about love. The kids showed love to Seth by asking him, or in my daughter's case begging him, to come to breakfast. Seth is loving the kids by being there, when it would be much easier not to be. The work we struggle through for the kids- the daily morning grind- is love. Mornings can be tedious, especially busy special mornings, but I appreciate the love that's woven throughout them.