Tuesday, October 10, 2006


My husband is home from Iraq. It is amazing to be a family again and not to be separated by distance and time.
It is amazing how Thomas seems to know Daddy. He has been playing with him, laughing at him and giving him kisses. There was one humorous moment yesterday when I asked him to give Daddy a kiss and he walked right past Seth and kissed Daddy's picture on the refrigerator. That got a laugh out of all of us! Today he cannot stop giving him kisses. He stood at the gate at the bottom of the stairs fussing because Daddy was upstairs. It was very heartwarming. Jonathan is radiant right now. He is just constantly beaming. David is even more expressive than normal right now (he is a very expressive kid). His energy level- well, both his and Jonathan's - is up a couple of levels.
Seth is home but it feels like we are all home now. We are complete. We have some adjusting to do and some transitioning but we are complete. It is such a blessing.