Friday, July 27, 2012

Compelled to Move

I heard something last Sunday that I can't stop thinking about. The little quip has been rolling around in my head all week and I cannot stop wanting to apply it to my life.
If you are coasting through life, you are not going in the right direction. If you are coasting, you are going down hill.
I am pondering how this applies to me spiritually and physically. I can apply it to the effort I am putting into relationships and towards my goals and dreams.

I can apply this to most areas of my life. 

On Wednesday, it prompted me to ask the elderly man who was finishing putting his groceries away in his handicap space parked car, if I could take his cart back.

It was nothing for me to do it.
He smiled.

There are little things I can do each day. I am sure of it.

Some days this week, it has simply meant being more appreciative of those around me.
My world is shaded with goodness.

I am also aware that in my town, in my city, people are struggling.
I wonder how I can make a difference to others.

There are bigger things that I need to do.
Or maybe, the "bigger things" are simply a sum of all of the smaller things I can do.

My heart has been stirred.
I will read more.
I will pray more.
I will serve more.
I will share more.
I will act.

I am asking myself-  Am I coasting?

Are you coasting?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday Thanks Tank #185

Each Thursday I try to make a list of my thankful thoughts. Sometimes I jot it down on paper, sometimes I share that list here, and other times I just highlight one or two things that I am thankful for. This is my Thursday Thanks Tank.

Today I am thankful for:

A warm cup of coffee
early morning sunshine before it is hot
my son getting the uniform he wanted with his favorite number
an open Bible next to the computer that was being ready by my son
fresh fruit waiting to be eaten
a family night planned for this evening
a family night planned for tomorrow night
a child that has become increasingly thankful
laughing with my husband
ice cold water
painted toe nails
growing desires to improve
getting work done early in the day
organized papers
17 years of marriage
steak grilled at home
sleeping in (not me- my 11 year old, went to bed at 9 and slept until 11:30- wowza- I'm thinking a growth spurt is on the way)
quiet kids (can't believe I kept 3 kids quiet enough to let the 11 year old keep sleeping)
good attitudes
air conditioning
being able to renew library books online
painted rocks
going to the pool

Monday, July 23, 2012


We celebrated our 17th Anniversary yesterday.

July 22, 1995, a little over four years after our first date
I spent hours getting ready. We had a professional photographer.

July 22, 2012, after a day at King's Beach, Lake Tahoe:
My hair had been in a ponytail all day, was badly wind blown and needed to be brushed. My 11 year old took this picture.

Things sure have changed!
I couldn't be happier.
Our story is still being written.
I love my husband. Deeply.
Days come and go and our love continues to grow.
I am thankful for my marriage and my man.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Thanks Tank #184

I just got back from an 11 day vacation. When I say vacation, I don't mean the kind where one sits on a lounge chair on the beach. I mean the kind that revolves around visiting friends. My heart is full. I saw so many friends in OR and WA. I laughed. I hugged. I took oodles of pictures. I played hearts, rummy and cribbage until the wee hours of the morning. I went sight-seeing. I watched my kids rekindle friendships as if no time had passed. It was heart-warming.

We lived 4 years in OR and 4 years in WA. To say that people in those places have a special place in our heart is an understatement.

I am thankful that we were able to visit our friends.
I am thankful that my husband was able to get away long enough to separate himself from his work. It was great to see him relax.
I am thankful for stress free traveling. I cannot believe how well it went. (Suddenly driving to Disneyland doesn't seem like it will be that hard.)
I am thankful for the trip I took to the library right before we left.
I am thankful for the tub we stored the books in while we were traveling. (To my knowledge we didn't loose any books!)
I am thankful for my camera.
I am thankful for keeping up with friends on Facebook.
I am thankful for sunny Seattle weather.
I am thankful for the rain. (Seems like we haven't had any since we moved away from the NW.)
I am thankful for so many well-cooked, delightful meals that friends shared with us. (I was spoiled.)
I am thankful for the understanding and kindness from friends when our over-tired kids just couldn't handle anything anymore.
I am thankful for a double date with friends. (It was the best date ever. Think Kayaking, giving away $10 for fun, watching Improv theater... think roses, music, and starbucks... trust me it was a day to remember.)
I am thankful for friends.
I am thankful for friendship and the realization that I want and need to be a better friend.
I am thankful for our trip.
I am thankful to be home.

This is my Thursday Thanks Tank.