Wednesday, May 28, 2014

40 Years of Fun

To anyone that knows me, it is no secret that I love to celebrate.
I am not all that great at buying or picking out gifts but I get really into celebrations. I get excited about holidays. It doesn't matter if it is a big holiday (like Christmas) or a little one (like St. Patrick's Day- after all, we aren't Irish). I love doing little things to make special days more special.

For my husband's 40th birthday, I was hard-pressed for time. I could not get to the party store across town. There wasn't time. I had to make due with what I had on hand and what I could pick up at the grocery store.

We had two celebrations. My husband's birthday fell on Wednesday. It was a busy Wednesday, complete with our 13 year old's middle school band concert at night. He was also leaving town at 6 the following morning. We did a little decorating on his birthday and then really celebrated the Saturday afterwards.

On his birthday~
I set out items that turn 40 in 2014 as a table center piece.
Connect Four, Magna Doodles, Hello Kitty, Rubik's Cube, Dayquil, and Postit Notes all turn40 this year. Pop Rocks do as well, but I forgot to put those out.
I also set some festive drinks out with a 40th birthday message. It was a fun surprise when he got up to make coffee.

Drinks: Old Soul Beer, Kudo's Wine, Rogue Dead Guy Beer.

We didn't have much time that night but I couldn't let him go without a cake on his 40th birthday. I made an "Older Than Dirt" cake. It was simple chocolate cake with crushed oreos and gummy worms. It made him smile and the kids loved it.


Birthday Celebration~
My kids and I had a grand time making signs for him. Our theme? "Life is a Highway and you better slow down after 40." Alternately titled, "Speed Limit 40."

I'm not even sure why but we already had some caution tape. The kids had fun putting it up around the house. Daddy was greeted with it at the front door when he returned from his out of town trip.


We made him a candy bar birthday poster. It was sweet.

Our decorations had a "Life is a Highway" theme. The kids helped me come up with some of the road sign names.

The Danger sign was the kids' favorite. It was really funny when Daddy just happened to be sitting under the sign. We laughed so hard. (I didn't plan that, I promise...)

The cake was a blast! I made a "Crap, You're Old" cake. I saw the idea on Pinterest (of course). There are several versions but I liked the one I found on Sew Totally Smitten the best. I made mine based on that cake. I was happy with how it turned out. The kids couldn't wait for Daddy to get home from his trip so he could see the cake. They were over-the-top excited. The response from my husband hilarious.

The "Crap, You're Old Cake"~

First, my daughter covered Daddy's eyes and I put the cake in front of him.

Then, he opened his eyes. His reaction was priceless.

Celebrating 40 has never been so much fun!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Born in 1974

Today was my husband's 40th birthday.

I gathered a few items around the house that are also celebrating 40 years this year: Connect 4, Magna Doodle, Rubik's Cube, Post-it Notes, Dayquil and Hello Kitty.

I was happy with this little 1974 display. It was also fun to take turns playing quick games of Connect 4 after dinner.
We had a great day.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rainy day

I enjoyed a rare rainy Nevada day today.

It was funny. I guess I lived in the Northwest too long - 4 years in Washington and 4 years in Oregon. No one pays attention to the rain in the Northwest. I will never forget the first time I saw kids playing on the play ground in the rain. On the flip side, my daughter was sad that she didn't get one recess today. She was also unhappy when I showed up to pick her up after school without an umbrella. Honestly, all of the umbrellas caught me off-guard. In the northwest, you just grab a hat and go. That's what I did. It didn't make sense to my 6 year old today.

I didn't really enjoy the rain until later in the day when I went running. I guess I've gotten used to sunshine.

I did enjoy running in the rain. I ran 6 miles in a cool light rain. It felt fantastic. The clouds were mighty. I managed to run right through a few puddles. My feet were wet. I felt strong.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Enjoy the Simple

The flowers caught her eye and she stopped to examine them. She was adoring the white flowers. I smelled the lilies. They were so fragrant. "Smell these"! I said to her with delight. And she did. I had my phone out to snap a photo of the moment. Her face lit up with surprise and happiness. I wish I had a picture of that. She asked to touch the pollen, which she did, and then we went inside, marking the end of the school day and beginning of the afternoon at home.

So brief- those moments we shared smelling lilies. But it was the kind of moment that lingered in my mind all day. So sweet. So precious. Just taking a minute to enjoy the simple beauty around us.

My life feels like utter chaos right now. I cannot keep up with my overrun to-do list. My calendar is full and yet, somehow, I keep managing to add to it.

Enjoy the simple.
Enjoy the beauty around me.
Remember that it isn't happy people that are thankful. It is thankful people that are happy.