Monday, November 20, 2017

Thankfully here

Today someone asked me what my college degree was and whether or not I thought I would work again. It’s been a while since someone asked me anything like that. Years ago I would have felt inferior in unexplainable ways. Right now I’m sitting outside by a fire in the glorious Florida coolness (64 degrees) considering my stage in life and how it is no where near where I thought I would be. But also, how I’ve found contentment in ways and means I never imagined. Is there more that I could achieve and truly enjoy? Yes. Maybe I will or maybe I won’t pursue my interests in the workforce. I don’t even know. I do know that life has afforded me experiences that I never saw coming, struggles that I wouldn’t choose, and simple pleasures that cannot be beat. I am not striving for what I once was. I know many people that are unsatisfied. For many years I have simply strived to appreciate the little things around me. That focus has made all of the difference in my world view and contentment. 

This Thanksgiving, be thankful. Be thankful for the big things- the people you know, your house, your job- all of it. And then, look for the little things. The birds outside. The trees blowing in the wind.

The smile a stranger offers back at your smile. The details of life- that’s what you need to notice. For me, it has made all the difference. Live in the details of your life.