Friday, August 16, 2013

Eyes straight ahead

I walked into the bathroom to put up some clean towels. My 8 year old was going to the bathroom.

T: "Look Momma! I'm peeing with my eyes closed."

M: "What?!"

Laughter. A proud smile.

"Uh, The seat is down. There's pee on the seat."

T: "Not much." Pointing. "Just a little over here."

M: "Well, I don't want to sit on that. Here (handing him tissue), wipe it up."

T: "I don't want to touch it..."

M: "Neither do I. Go to it."

Starting this coming week, the boys are going to take a more active role in cleaning the bathrooms. I am certain the chore is going to be met with complaints and lackadaisical effort. I am determined. These wonderful boys of mine need to be more careful. No more proud moments peeing blindfolded (or with eyes closed, as the case may be). 

If you have boys, or if you know one (even if he is a child turned man), you have to read this: 15 Rules for Peeing.  You may chuckle to yourself. You may laugh. You will grimace. But most of all, you will remember that boys think differently. Boys of all ages need bathroom rules. And, Rule 16 would have to do with not peeing in the shower.