Thursday, March 03, 2016

Thursday Thanks Tank #211

When love is so powerful, so visible it leaves you in awe...

Today as I was waiting in line at the grocery store checkout line, I smiled at a man buying flowers. He had two colorful bouquets of mixed flowers.  He looked so happy, it just made me smile.

Being as I was right behind him, I couldn't help but over hear his conversation with the cashier.

"How was your wife's birthday?"
"Not bad. Not bad at all."
"I took her flowers and birthday cake. (happy chuckle) I even took her birthday cake. I put a candle in it for her and then blew it out."
"It was nice. The fresh flowers looked nice on the gravestone."

Stunned. I processed what he had just said.

"Are you taking these flowers to her tomorrow?"
"No, I am going to ride tomorrow. I'll take them the day after that."

They made small talk. My heart was still.

When I walked out to my car, the jovial man, was talking to a friend he came upon in the parking lot. I walked by his jeep, and caught sight of the 'In Loving Memory' window decal.
Beneath her name, it said, "Loving wife, Best friend and Soulmate. Forever Loved, Forever Cherished." There were the dates of her life. The years were 1961-2009.
Be still my heart.

This man still celebrates and honors her birthday.
He talks about her with a love resounding from his voice. So much so that if I hadn't heard him mention her gravestone, I would have thought he was one extremely loving husband.
He is.

It's still overwhelms me to consider his heart.

So, tonight, I am thankful for love. I am thankful that we- that I- can love and love deeply.