Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Thanks Tank #21

Well, I am trying, trying, trying to get back in the swing of things. My routine has been thrown by my beautiful little girl who vies for my attention and warms my heart. We love every newborn moment (okay, maybe not the nights that she hasn’t slept well)! I think this is a perfect place to start my thankful list.

1. Elisabeth: I am so thankful for this little one God has given me. I amazed by her and amazed constantly (no, it hasn’t worn off) that I have another girl in the house. For the most part, she is sleeping well. She is nursing well. She was jaundice but her bilirubin level started coming down pretty quickly due to how well she was eating (all 3 of our boys were jaundice /2 had to have photo-therapy/none of the others ate as well as she is) I am incredibly thankful for having a healthy little one.
2. My Parents: Wow, my parents are troopers. They came out to see us around the beginning of November so they could be here when Elisabeth was born. In all truth, my husband pretty much begged them to come early because with the early birth track record, we felt sure our girl would be early. So, my parents spent a good 2 weeks getting to play with the boys before Elisabeth came. They took them to parks, an indoor pool, they took them on bike rides around the block, they played games with them, they took them to McDonalds playland (which is such a treat, ya know!?), they took them to the Children’s Museum, and on and on. They just spent quality time with the kids and gave me much needed rest! And, then, finally, they were able to help us welcome Elisabeth – right on time with me going into labor on my due date. They got Jonathan off to school, took Jonathan to a birthday party, played with the boys, brought them to the hospital all decked out in their big brother T-shirts, they made meals, they took tons of pictures, and basically they just showered, and showered and showered us with love.
3. Naptime: Jonathan is at school. David and Thomas are napping. Elisabeth is napping. I LOVE naptime! It is quite surprising and refreshing to have them asleep at the same time! (Now, if you are wondering, I am not asleep because I expect Elisabeth to wake up at any time.)
4. Photos: I love, love, love photographs of my family. I LOVE setting up the slide show on my computer of pictures from when Elisabeth was born. I could look at them over and over. (Maybe I should post some more pictures!)
5. Sweet Family Moments: I really had no idea how the boys would be when they met their sister. I sort of had a feeling about Jonathan and David but I imagined Thomas to be wild and crazy and demanding. I guess I just didn’t know how my 2 year old would handle it. Anyway, when the boys came to the hospital, it was a sweet family moment. All three were SO INCREDIBLY sweet. Thomas was talking in a sweet whispering voice, looking at Elisabeth in an amazed way and touching her ever so gently. They were all excited but loving and gentle. (This is pretty amazing for three energetic boys!) The boys have all be just priceless with their sister. (Okay, in truth since the hospital moment, Thomas has had his ‘I want to touch her eyeball' and 'I want to hit baby Elisabeth' moments but the good has outweighed the bad.) Every day Jonathan asks if he can hold her and he will just sit and hold her and look at her adoringly. I am thankful for all of these sweet family moments. I treasure them in my heart.
6. The Joy of Christmas: We started decorating our house this past week. The decorations, the music, and the excitement of the kids—it all just fills my heart with joy. I love this time of year! I am thankful for the Christmas season. I am thankful that we have been talking a lot of about why we celebrate Christmas.
7. My Husband: He has been so encouraging and loving. I am truly blessed by him.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Princess

Elisabeth (Elsie) Jane Owen
Born Saturday, November 17 at 1:52 a.m. Weight 7 lbs 14 ounces Length 20 3/4 inches

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Thanks Tank #20

This Thursday night I am thankful that I am going to bed... before 11 p.m.

(No baby yet!)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday Words

Romans 8:25
25 "But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently."

I enjoyed the 8th chapter of Romans today. This verse speaks to my heart both because of my physical waiting for the birth of my baby and the spiritual waiting of my heart. Feel free to share with me -- about something you are waiting for or some words that are encouraging you this Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pregnancy Update

I am not overdue but I feel like the baby is late! For my 1st pregnancy I delivered 12 days early, the 2nd pregnancy was 5 weeks early, and the third was 7 days early. This time I am within days of my due date. I am due November 16. Three days to go! Of course by this point I have realized that the due date means nothing. This baby will get here when she wants to. (It has been humorous getting the ‘girls show up on their own timing’ comments!) Let’s see, I don’t want to put real details out on this blog. I will say that my body is progressing but not going into labor. Each night I fight the sleep battle and loose. Elisabeth is not interested in my getting rest. If she isn’t kicking and stretching all night, I am having contractions (which are sometimes painful and sometimes not—but not regular enough to be labor). This time around I have been experiencing a lot of swelling. This is new to me. The only time I really remember significant swelling with my other pregnancies was the day I gave birth—after giving birth. I think with Thomas I had some minimal swelling in my feet toward the end of the pregnancy. This time, my hands and feet have been swelling off and on for the last week pretty significantly. What else can I tell you? All of this “extra” time has allowed us to be more ready for a baby in our house. I have had so much time to think I have begun unpacking and repacking the hospital bag!

Here are some things that I haven’t enjoyed hearing:

“I didn’t know you could get THAT big.”
“I think you might go until Nov 21st.”

Keep us and the delivery in your prayers. She HAS to be born soon!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thursday Thanks Tank #19

Today I am thankful for:

1. Prayer: I was reminded this week that I used to be a worrier. I was asked what changed. The conversation about how prayer changed my life was an awesome reminder of how I am thankful for prayer. It keeps me from being focused on the negative and it helps me tremendously when I am stressed.
2. Laughter: Last night I had some comic relief. It was therapeutic. I am thankful for how laughter is refreshing. Oh, and I am also thankful for the laughter of children. There is nothing like tickling your kids and listening to them laugh!
3. Individuality: I have been reminded the last few days that we are all created different with different likes and dislikes, with different temperaments, and with different personalities. It shows how unique each person is and it has been a challenging reminder that though I am unique, I am not always right.
4. Quiet: I had the chance to have the house to myself today. That is such a rare treat! I love a quiet house. (And with anticipating a little newborn cry, this quiet is even more sacred!)
5. Sunshine: My mom is visiting and she has been very aware of the gray clouds this week. I think I have adapted to the NW weather because I don’t focus on the clouds too much. However, because the weather has affected my mom each day, the sunshine today seems extra nice and uplifting.
6. Play-dough: I love how play-dough can entertain overtired preschoolers when nothing else can.

Friday, November 02, 2007


The Owen boys dressed up as characters from Star Wars this Halloween. The first few pictures are when the boys first tried on their costumes. They got to stand on momma's and daddy's bed to check themselves out in the mirror! The rest of the photos are from Halloween night. The boys had a blast!

Obi-Wan went from house to house telling people "No Nuts!" and "No Nuts for me!" That was quite a surprise and a bit funny. We didn't have the heart to discourage him from being so persistent about it. Trick or treating wore out Darth Vader. At one point when asked if he was tired he said, "Yes, I am BIG tired." Anakin could have run from house to house trick or treating all night!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thursday Thanks Tank #18

My thankful thoughts for today:

1. I know this is silly… but… I am thankful that little angel was not born on Halloween. Nothing against anyone who has a Halloween birthday but for some reason, I really didn’t want my baby to be born on Halloween. It is silly but I am thankful nonetheless.
2. I took a nap today! I am thankful for the rest.
3. Brownies are so yummy. I am thankful for the brownies that are baking in the oven. I got out the mix and decided I was not up for the tough job of mixing brownies and then my friend just made them for me!
4. My brownie making, kid-watching so I can take a nap, come to Oregon so my husband can relax friend Kim. Kim dropped everything and came to Oregon just so we could be more relaxed waiting for our angel to be born. She is staying until my parents get here. She is a gift from heaven…and the brownies she threw in the oven are starting to smell pretty heavenly right now, too.
5. Gingerbread Latte Season!! Today was the first day the gingerbread latte became available for the season at Starbucks. Oh my, I am so thankful!
6. The right color of green. The nursery is painted! The first time it was painted (or 2 walls anyway), it was the wrong color. The second paint color is wonderful.
7. The excitement of friends. I have been showered with love and excitement because of my 4th little one on the way. It has been so refreshing to have my friends excited for me. My friends- thank you for making me feel special.

Well, I am a little low on Thankful thoughts today. It has taken me a while to come up with this little list. I think it is because of pregnancy brain. I am very thankful but I just cannot think tonight. ONE MORE: (#8.) I am thankful that my husband encouraged me to do this tonight—brought the laptop to me, already logged into blogger, so I would not miss focusing on being thankful.