Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Thanks Tank #21

Well, I am trying, trying, trying to get back in the swing of things. My routine has been thrown by my beautiful little girl who vies for my attention and warms my heart. We love every newborn moment (okay, maybe not the nights that she hasn’t slept well)! I think this is a perfect place to start my thankful list.

1. Elisabeth: I am so thankful for this little one God has given me. I amazed by her and amazed constantly (no, it hasn’t worn off) that I have another girl in the house. For the most part, she is sleeping well. She is nursing well. She was jaundice but her bilirubin level started coming down pretty quickly due to how well she was eating (all 3 of our boys were jaundice /2 had to have photo-therapy/none of the others ate as well as she is) I am incredibly thankful for having a healthy little one.
2. My Parents: Wow, my parents are troopers. They came out to see us around the beginning of November so they could be here when Elisabeth was born. In all truth, my husband pretty much begged them to come early because with the early birth track record, we felt sure our girl would be early. So, my parents spent a good 2 weeks getting to play with the boys before Elisabeth came. They took them to parks, an indoor pool, they took them on bike rides around the block, they played games with them, they took them to McDonalds playland (which is such a treat, ya know!?), they took them to the Children’s Museum, and on and on. They just spent quality time with the kids and gave me much needed rest! And, then, finally, they were able to help us welcome Elisabeth – right on time with me going into labor on my due date. They got Jonathan off to school, took Jonathan to a birthday party, played with the boys, brought them to the hospital all decked out in their big brother T-shirts, they made meals, they took tons of pictures, and basically they just showered, and showered and showered us with love.
3. Naptime: Jonathan is at school. David and Thomas are napping. Elisabeth is napping. I LOVE naptime! It is quite surprising and refreshing to have them asleep at the same time! (Now, if you are wondering, I am not asleep because I expect Elisabeth to wake up at any time.)
4. Photos: I love, love, love photographs of my family. I LOVE setting up the slide show on my computer of pictures from when Elisabeth was born. I could look at them over and over. (Maybe I should post some more pictures!)
5. Sweet Family Moments: I really had no idea how the boys would be when they met their sister. I sort of had a feeling about Jonathan and David but I imagined Thomas to be wild and crazy and demanding. I guess I just didn’t know how my 2 year old would handle it. Anyway, when the boys came to the hospital, it was a sweet family moment. All three were SO INCREDIBLY sweet. Thomas was talking in a sweet whispering voice, looking at Elisabeth in an amazed way and touching her ever so gently. They were all excited but loving and gentle. (This is pretty amazing for three energetic boys!) The boys have all be just priceless with their sister. (Okay, in truth since the hospital moment, Thomas has had his ‘I want to touch her eyeball' and 'I want to hit baby Elisabeth' moments but the good has outweighed the bad.) Every day Jonathan asks if he can hold her and he will just sit and hold her and look at her adoringly. I am thankful for all of these sweet family moments. I treasure them in my heart.
6. The Joy of Christmas: We started decorating our house this past week. The decorations, the music, and the excitement of the kids—it all just fills my heart with joy. I love this time of year! I am thankful for the Christmas season. I am thankful that we have been talking a lot of about why we celebrate Christmas.
7. My Husband: He has been so encouraging and loving. I am truly blessed by him.

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Pam said...

Great list this week. I've loved decorating our house this week, too. Our kids just ooo and ahh over it all, and that brings such joy to my heart.

Btw, love the new photo of your family in your profile : ) Elisabeth is so precious.