Saturday, December 01, 2007

College Football

Any college football fans out there? The big SEC championship game is today. We will be watching it at our house and cheering loudly for the VOLS (yes, I can cheer for them when they aren't playing BAMA!). Anyway, I wanted to pass on this interesting and funny article or post on the World magazine blog: College Football Post


Pam said...

With no TV here, my DP is headed out to the school today to watch the Vols. Go Big Orange!

I'll give him the link to the article too, after I read it : )

So glad to hear you are doing well, Jane Anne. Would love to see more photos soon : )

John & Carrie said...

Yeah College Football!
Go Hokies!
Virginia Tech Won!!!

Kimberly said...

Now is football the game that's played with the round ball with white and black shapes on it or the oblongish brownish thingy???