Friday, November 02, 2007


The Owen boys dressed up as characters from Star Wars this Halloween. The first few pictures are when the boys first tried on their costumes. They got to stand on momma's and daddy's bed to check themselves out in the mirror! The rest of the photos are from Halloween night. The boys had a blast!

Obi-Wan went from house to house telling people "No Nuts!" and "No Nuts for me!" That was quite a surprise and a bit funny. We didn't have the heart to discourage him from being so persistent about it. Trick or treating wore out Darth Vader. At one point when asked if he was tired he said, "Yes, I am BIG tired." Anakin could have run from house to house trick or treating all night!


Amy said...

I have been checking your blog REGULARLY to see these pictures. I have been really excited to see what the boys dressed up as and to hear about the excitement of the evening. Thank you! :) I'm glad everything went well.

Anonymous said...

Very, very cute.

Seth doesn't let you call him "Obi ONE", does he? ;-)


Pam said...

Oh how sweet Jane Anne. They are so adorable!! My son would have loved going with your boys. He adores everything Star Wars.

The pumpkins are darling, too, but not so sweet as your three pumpkins : )

Fields Favorites said...

Awesome slide show! The boys look great. I love the "no nuts" Darth Vader! So cute. I know you are due soon... hope mommy is feeling well!

Kimberly said...

Hey guys! Thanks for letting me join you once again for the halloween festivities. I'm sad the girls couldn't be with me this year. My favorite part of the night was when Anakin, Obi-wan and Darth Vadar got to part-take of their loot - Jonathan building walls out of his smarties. Thomas unwrapping 5 suckers at once and licking each of them and then setting them on the living room floor. David quietly and yet systematically going thru each piece of candy and having one of us adults open it and then him eating it so quickly that he ate almost ALL of his candy. So thankful that kid didn't end up with a ginormous stomach ache! It was a blast!!!

Melissa Guay said...

Oh they're so cute!! Glad they had so much fun - and you've gotta love how David deals with his allergy, he seems to not be bothered at all! :))) Love the "no nuts" - hee hee hee