Monday, May 19, 2014

Enjoy the Simple

The flowers caught her eye and she stopped to examine them. She was adoring the white flowers. I smelled the lilies. They were so fragrant. "Smell these"! I said to her with delight. And she did. I had my phone out to snap a photo of the moment. Her face lit up with surprise and happiness. I wish I had a picture of that. She asked to touch the pollen, which she did, and then we went inside, marking the end of the school day and beginning of the afternoon at home.

So brief- those moments we shared smelling lilies. But it was the kind of moment that lingered in my mind all day. So sweet. So precious. Just taking a minute to enjoy the simple beauty around us.

My life feels like utter chaos right now. I cannot keep up with my overrun to-do list. My calendar is full and yet, somehow, I keep managing to add to it.

Enjoy the simple.
Enjoy the beauty around me.
Remember that it isn't happy people that are thankful. It is thankful people that are happy.

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