Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rainy day

I enjoyed a rare rainy Nevada day today.

It was funny. I guess I lived in the Northwest too long - 4 years in Washington and 4 years in Oregon. No one pays attention to the rain in the Northwest. I will never forget the first time I saw kids playing on the play ground in the rain. On the flip side, my daughter was sad that she didn't get one recess today. She was also unhappy when I showed up to pick her up after school without an umbrella. Honestly, all of the umbrellas caught me off-guard. In the northwest, you just grab a hat and go. That's what I did. It didn't make sense to my 6 year old today.

I didn't really enjoy the rain until later in the day when I went running. I guess I've gotten used to sunshine.

I did enjoy running in the rain. I ran 6 miles in a cool light rain. It felt fantastic. The clouds were mighty. I managed to run right through a few puddles. My feet were wet. I felt strong.

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