Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Staycation

For Spring Break, we stayed home.

Instead of boredom, we chose liveliness.

Here are some of the ways we played.

When the weather was warm, we went outside.

We camped in the backyard.

We had a game day.

We went played board games.

We rented a few video games to play.

We played balloon games.
We sat in a circle and tried to pass the balloon with our feet.
Then, we tried to keep it in the circle using everything but our hands.
Then, we just tried to keep it in a circle.

We had a balloon race.
We were all on the same team and we were racing the clock.
We did the race twice so we could better our time.

And, yes, Momma and Daddy had as much fun as the kids.

We had an ice cream sundae night.

We laughed a lot.

School starts back Monday. I'm gonna be sad to send the boys back to school.


sharon said...

Oh, your spring break looks marvelous. Your kids are so blessed to have you and Seth for parents. I love all the fun stuff you do for them and with them.

Cinderella said...

The kids looked like they had a blast and really enjoyed themselves! You gave them so much to do - they will have great memories, Jane Anne:)