Thursday, April 26, 2012

Eleven (TTT #181)

Oh how time flies! I spent time this afternoon looking through old photos. I remembered so many events from time gone by.
How is it possible that time moves slowly but flies by?

 You were once a chubby kissable kid.
Now I steal my kisses from you, at night when I am telling you, "Good night, Sweet dreams, no bad dreams." I also sneak in a gentle kiss on the top of your head before you run out the door for school.

I look at you and I see a strong young man. A young man!
It's hard to believe that you are getting so big. I can still see the little boy that wouldn't touch his first birthday cake.
I thought of that sweet 1 year old when I saw this...

You are such a strong kid. Resilient.
This year has been another year of transition.
It hasn't been easy on you. I know that.
I am proud of you. 
We've moved a lot - 6 states in 11 years.
It hasn't been easy on you to make friends in new schools.
You never give up- never quit trying. That is a great quality to have.
It's good in friendships.

It's also good in video games. Oh how you love your games!

You've always loved achievements.
When you were five you got your first legos- a rather large set that indicated it was for age 8 and up. You tediously poured over the instructions with determination until you got the entire Batman Lego set together. You showed it to me proudly and then said, "I think I'll take it apart and do it again."

When I asked you recently what you want to be when you grow up, you said, "In charge." This makes me smile. You thrive when you are able to lead.
You also said that you want to develop video games like Notch (the creator of Minecraft).
I know you will succeed in whatever you want to do.

I hope you know how much I love you.
A mother's love is hard to define.
I loved you before you were born.
I became a mom because you were born.
I try not to embarrass you.
I want to be there for you but I don't want to get in your way.
I want to give you space to grow and give you support to do what you want to do.
I pray for you.
I adore you.

Your hugs are powerful.
I feel stronger after you hug me.
I suppose it means that your hugs squeeze just the right place in my heart.
Your smile -especially that bright, full dimple smile- is delightful like the first snow of winter or a rainbow in the spring.
Your words- I cherish what you say. I am thankful that you talk to me. Don't ever stop sharing your highs and lows with me.
I will always listen to you.

 I will always love you.

My first born son turned eleven on Monday. I am tremendously thankful for him.

This is my Thursday Thanks Tank.


sharon said...

That was fun to read. I feel like I can imagine him as a grown up now. He is on hhis way. And what a great mom to support him. Sometimes days are long, very long, but the years are definitely short, too short. The fact that you pay attention means you will enjoy it and not miss as much. I feel like so many of my days are about survival and getting things done and getting where we need to be. You inspire me to slow down and notice things and to appreciate the daily moments.

everydayMOM said...

That was so sweet. What a great tribute to your son. My first-born is 11 now, too. It is such a year of change. I have watched him grow up so much this year. It can be tough on a mama, but awesome, as well.