Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday Thanks Tank #213

My thankful list on this Thursday, Sept 22:

My father-in-law. It's his birthday. I am thankful for all that he does for his family. I am thankful for the way he parented my husband. I am thankful for how much he shows others he cares. I am thankful for the way he loves my mother-in-law.

A trail run with a friend. I went on a trail run with my friend this morning. She is the best running partner I have ever had. We're sole sisters. But, unfortunately, our schedules have been such that we haven't been able to run together in a long time. This morning was wonderful. The miles flew by and the smiles were big. We laughed and talked and ran. It was very, very nice.

Neighbors.  I met a neighbor of mine today and if my first impression is right, we are going to be good friends. She is probably a little younger than my parents. I love her already. We talked for a long time. And when we were done and said it's great to meet, we finished the meeting with a hug. That's a good feeling.

Rain and sunshine. They make rainbows.

Amazon Prime. I am such a last minute person. The free two day shipping is a life saver time and time again. The one day shipping came in handy this week.

Brownies. They are in the oven. They are going to be a nice surprise for my kids, three of which are getting ready to get home from practice.

My Dishwasher and my Washer and Dryer. I will never run out of dishes to wash and I will never get caught up on washing and folding and putting up clothes. I cannot imagine my life without these appliances. I would struggle. I just cannot even imagine.

People who challenge me. Challenges are good. Sometimes people purposely challenge me. I have a friend who constantly posts motivational quotes on FB. I have other friends that encourage me to eat well. Other times people challenge me because to me they are challenging people. I grow through these interactions. I am thankful for my challenges- both the ones I welcome and the ones that I'd rather avoid.

Yard work. I spent just about 30 minutes pulling weeds today. I love being outside and getting my hands dirty. I love working with plants. I simply love being outside and working with nature.

Music. This morning before work and school, we listened to Rocky Top, Sweet Home Alabama and Coming Home. I love music and how some songs have a special meaning.

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