Sunday, January 04, 2009

A desire of my heart

One of my heart's new desires is financial freedom.
I am working on it.
I have been convicted about how I use my resources, both my money and what I own. I want to use, spend and share what I have wisely. I have decided I am going to post a bit about my journy in upcoming posts. I am passionate about this.
Early on in my marriage, my husband and I made some choices that are limiting us now. We used our credit cards. We charged a plane ticket or two here and there. We charged a few Christmas gifts this year and that. It built up and now we are in debt. It didn't just happen, of course. We are just now at a place where we realize how much we are missing because we are in bondage to debt. This past year we realized how much it is limiting us. Our situation changed when my husband got out of the military. The changes have been great. The change required change. We were slow to realize it.
Around the holidays we had many opportunities to help or bless others. Our hearts wanted to do more but we couldn't. It frustrated us. Between our personal struggle with our budget and our desire to give to others, we were hit hard with a conviction to be different.
We have been making some difficult choices lately. We canceled a trip to visit friends around the holidays because it would have taxed our funds too much. We declined a fun night with friends because we didn't budget for babysitting. We've sold a few things to earn a little money. I have been thinking about what I am missing a lot. I am focusing on the fact that I am making a choice. Instead of feeling held back, I am feeling impowered. I am choosing to use my money wisely. I am choosing not to waste what I already have. By choosing this path, I am becoming stronger.

Writing about my goals, challenges, lessons-learned and progress will keep this heart's desire strong. I am sure of that. I welcome all of your comments and suggestions.


He And Me + 3 said...

We our working hard to be debt free too. It is our hearts desire as well. We did the same thing early on. Thank God we are free of credit cards and are almost free of one car payment and then will tackle the other one. We have paid cash for Christmas for 3 years straight now. So exciting to not see the bills in January. We are doing the Dave Ramsey plan, but I have altered it a little, because I have a shopping addiction...I find great deals, but I love to shop. I am working on that too. If that is the desire of your heart, God will honor all your efforts. We were able to help so much this Christmas Season with giving to those in need and it really felt so good.
Keep it up friend! I am right there with you!

Trisha said...

We have made some changes recently too and it has been hard but great. Living on a resident's salary with three kids isn't all that easy.

Kyle was in med school for 4 years and I didn't work... if that tells you the extent of our debt.

Faithful with little, faithful in much...

RLR said...

Jane Anne -

My husband and I attended Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University through our church about a year ago, so I understand the choices you are making. We had a bit of a setback this summer when we had to replace and AC unit, but have managed to pay off one credit card and are working steadily on the next (and last!) one. We paid cash for Christmas - an amazing feeling!

It is a sometimes difficult but worthwhile journey. Analyzing our spending was hard - realizing how much money we were "throwing away" on excessive dining out and on credit card fees. I'll look forward to reading about your progress, and I'll pray that you continue to feel empowered to achieve financial freedom.


Beth E. said...

Saving money has always been a challenge for me! I enjoy coupon-clipping, finding bargains, cooking a romantic meal at home vs. going out, etc.

Good for you! I look forward to reading future posts. Hang in there, and don't get discouraged. You didn't get into debt overnight, so remind yourself that it will also take time to get out of debt...but you WILL do it!

momstheword said...

I appreciate your honesty so much. I don't know if you read my financial "diet" posts or any of my other frugal posts.

But if you did you will know that we once were heavily in debt to, because of an airplane ticket here, an outfit there, etc.

I am excited that you are doing this because it gives me one more person "in the trenches" with me and we will motivate and encourage one another!

I am thinking of making Fridays a "Frugal Friday" on my blog where I post about how I am doing progress-wise on my financial "dieting." I am going to ask others if they want to post their progress their too and we'll all encourage each other!

Pam said...

Jane Anne~

My husband and I share your desire, because we share the bad choices of our past. We too have felt the frustration of being in bondage to our debt and bad decisions.

Giving when we want to has been limited and fulfilling the desire to adopt and expand our family has been put on hold because of the debt that hangs around our necks.

We too are convicted to be different, and I would thoroughly appreciate your prayers and accountability this year as we trudge our way out of the pit we created for ourselves. I will be praying for you and Seth during this journey as well. God has so much more for us as we embrace the freedom of living debt free.

This post resonates with a passion God has already placed on my heart, friend. May 2009 be a year of freedom for both our families.

I'll be watching for more from you and will pass along tips as I see them. To God be the glory!!

Anonymous said...

Us too! I never heard of Dave Ramsey until I followed a link on your blog to another blog and learned about baby steps. Then Bethany had a Dave Ramsey FPU class and we went in the fall. It has totally changed our lives. Totally! We are being able to do what we've always wanted to do. Live on cash, no credit cards, even at Christmas time! So, thanks, because you are indirectly responsible. Glad you are doing it, too. It feels good, doesn't it?

Suz said...

Keep thinking positive! If you work at your finances and make good choices along the way, you will realize that you can choose to do things not only because you want to but because you have the cash to do those things by way of saving for that rainy or special day.
It feels good to pay "cash" for a plane ticket, or know that you have the funds to pay the credit card off as soon as the bill arrives.
Yeah for you for working on it now.. even though it's hard! It would be even harder later when you couldn't remember anymore what you were paying for!