Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hitting the Links

*I know nothing about golf but my husband thought that was a witty post title.

I am about to hit the floor running, mostly back and forth from the laundry pile to the laundry room. This morning I had some time to drink some coffee and read. Here are a few places I rested.

Pay Yourself First
I am trying to be more and more frugal. This article made me think about the little ways I waste my money. It also makes me want to be more intentional with even the smallest amount of money.

Keen Footwear Giveaway
Simple Reviews is hosting a Keen Footwear Giveaway. Boy, I really would love to win!

The Advent of Humility, Tim Keller, Christianity Today
I want to be humble but I find that focusing on humility causes me to feel self-centered. This article was thought-provoking.

He Can Do This, Ann Kroeker
I am a new reader of Ann’s blog. I highly recommend reading her post from Wednesday. It was just the reminder I needed. There are many things that I cannot do. I don’t have to try so hard. I love her reminder to calm down, focus, and rest in Him.

I am off to the laundry pile. Have a great Saturday!


momstheword said...

It is a cute title, hehehe!

Your day sounds alot like mine!

I used to pray for ways to make a little extra money. It was awesome how God brought me opportunities.

When you're looking for them, and putting the word out, sometimes you hear of things that you can do.

But sometimes, it's just not God's timing yet.

I think being frugal and looking for ways to save money at home is an excellent start. Sometimes that's all you need to do.

He And Me + 3 said...

Thanks for all the links...I will have to check some of them out. I am doing laundry today too and a Birthday Party in abot 2 hours. Yikes. Better get off the computer.

Alicia said...

Thanks for all the links! I will have to check them out soon!!!

Beth E. said...

Your hubby was right...very cute title! I'm working on laundry, too. We have a "perpetual pile" of dirty clothes in our laundry room!

Ann Kroeker said...

Took a break from my own laundry and saw your kind words--I'm so glad that the post was meaningful to you. And we can thank the Lord for giving that inspiration to Jill Savage to pass on to us in the message that night.

A great set of links--I love how you've personalized them by including editorial thoughts.

Thrilled to make your acquaintance and look forward to your visits!

Liz said...

Very good title! I'm gonna check out the links...Laundry never ends huh!

Amber@theRunaMuck said...

I just read the Advent of HUmility last night. Did you find it on Holy Experience?

So convicting!

Kimberly said...

thanks for a chance to get on the KEEN give away! you KNOW how much I love me a new pair of shoes!!! =)