Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Two for One Tuesday

Two adults each got something they really wanted in one day. It happened on Monday and I am blogging about it on Tuesday.

#1. I got pictures of my kids in their costumes.
Every year I get my kids pictures taken in their costumes. I then get magnets made out of them. Here's the group from years past.

Yesterday we went and got the kids pictures made in their costumes. This was all I told my husband I wanted for Christmas. We paid for the yearly membership so we will be able to order prints for a year. I am going to go back and order the magnets. Here are the pictures that they brought out to tempt you (as if I had $150 that I could spend on each one). They were amazing!

Here's the free 8 by 10 that I came home with.

The pictures were my reason for postponing my 3 year-old's haircut (see Not Me! Monday).

#2. My hubby got to give one of our boys a mohawk.
My 3 year-old is fullof energy and doesn't have much fear. It never surprises me that he always suprises me! I cannot imagine considering letting one of the older boys mohawk. But, thinking about it for Thomas just made me smile. He was very excited about the haircut. Actually, he wanted to be bald. But, he loves his mohawk and he said "It's going to be like this forever!!" My 7 year-old and 5 year-old were amazed that he was getting a mohawk. They alternated between saying, "Coooool!" and "He's crazy!" I don't know which I enjoyed more- seeing the excitement or seeing the disbelief (the, "I can't believe she is going to let me do this") look in my husband's eyes.

Here are some pictures of "Mo" (There are a bunch. I couldn't resist posting so many.):

Getting Started:

Close Up:

Not too sure about Daddy drawing lines on his head:

Almost Done:

Showing off his haircut, muscles and mean face:

Side View:

Sooo cool:


Kimberly said...

i've never seen another kid so meant to wear a mohawk as thomas!!!! please tell him miss coy thinks his hair "ROCKS"!!! =)

Trisha said...

Awesome! Love the mohawk. Hayes gets mad at me when I fix his into a faux hawk, so I don't think the mohawk would ever fly around here. But it is so cute on such a spunky little boy!

And oh my goodness! The costume pictures. So cute. The magnets are such a good idea!

Jessica said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! I'm dying here!!! Thomas is SO adorable!!!!!

The costume idea is so fun! Love the pics!

amanda said...


aj said...

That magnet idea is really great! I'll have to remember that. :) Thomas looks awesome.

He And Me + 3 said...

That magnet is so cute. I love all the pictures too.

Elaine said...

Loved all the pictures, and loved the mohawk. You are a brave mamma. I think it looks cute on him..

jenn3 said...

Haha. I love his mohawk. It's cool that you let him have one. We all know it's every little boys dream. And Shiloh probably would say he looks silly. But she's only two, so what does she know?

Thanks for visiting my blog.

McCrakensx4 said...

Too funny! Every once in awhile, my hubby will give the boys mohawks too! They think it is the coolest thing! And way cute costume pics! I used to do that every year with my boys and niece

leigh ann said...

You are my hero. :)