Saturday, December 27, 2008

I will miss wake up calls one day

My hubby has been off from work since Christmas Eve. Everyday (with the exception of Christmas because we made a point to get up before the kids) our boys come in our room and wake us up. (They do this on Saturday mornings, usually.) They aren't sweet Rise and Shine moments. They are bugle blowing revelry moments. It starts with a "Momma?" or "Daddy?" and then the noise sky rockets in about 5 seconds. Most of the time, one kid climbs in the bed and then it's on... they are crawling all over us, pulling on the covers, fighting over who gets to snuggle with who.

I am not a morning person. I have to really work hard to not say much at all (for me that is being kind in the morning). My husband is usually very gracious. Although, this morning, he was not ready for the wake up call.

It occurred to me just a few minutes ago that we are going to miss those crash landings into morning one day. We are going to miss our boys fighting to snuggle with us and getting really excited about getting in our bed.

Quote of the day:
"I feel like I have had a chihuahua barking in my ear all day."
Said by hubby (after 4 days off from work).


Gary Wood said...

Bittersweet isnt it? The thought of my son leaving the home for good seems sad. Nice post.

He And Me + 3 said...

I will miss those too! Your husbands quote of the day was hilarious!

John and Carrie said...

Hmmm.....I remember the way you used to respond growing up when I woke you up. Glad to hear things have changed. :-) love ya!

Beth E. said...

Absolutely CHERISH those rise and shine moments! I can tell you, from experience, that there will come a day when you yearn for those wild moments again. Our oldest is in his third year of college. He's home for a month and I'm hanging on to every minute he's here. It doesn't seem to get any easier for me each time he leaves...I seem to miss him all the more. Our "baby" is a senior in high school this year. We're going to be dealing with empty-nest syndrome this Fall. I'm definitely NOT looking forward to that! :-/