Monday, December 29, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

It's Monday again. I am still enjoying Christmas break because my hubby doesn't go back to work until tomorrow. I have been so relaxed that I am not myself. I really think there are many more things that should be on the list but I am not awake enough yet (I have to shower before I truly wake up). Here's it is: my list of things that I'd deny if you caught me.

I am not slowly coming to terms with the fact that my laundry skills have improved since I lost my iron. I am now getting the clothes out the dryer before they wrinkle. I am not bitter that my lost iron has improved how my clothes look- not me!

I did not leave one store last night to go to another store because I knew that the item was a dollar cheaper at the 2nd store. I am in disbelief. I did not do that because I don't price shop. That was not the new me- couldn't be- not me!

I did not catch my hubby sticking his tongue out at my 3 year-old who was on stage for children's church. I did not immediately look at him to see if he was making faces when my 3 year-old stuck his tongue out. No way, I cannot imagine thinking my husband would do that - not me!

I did not spend 4 out of the last 5 days staying in my PJs until mid morning or midday. That could not be like me because I have to have a shower first thing or I am a major grump. I am not in my PJs right now- not me!

I have not been so relaxed this week that I sort of agreed to let my husband give my 3 year-old a mohawk. I did not just say "sort of" because I am in denial. I did not agree and then quickly find a way to postpone the head shaving. (My 3 year-old did not cry when we told him he had to wait.) By the way, my hubby had to convince my 3 year-old that he wants a mohawk. He really wants to be bald. (No thanks to you, my bald-I shave my hair-guy friends!) I cannot believe that I think it will be funny to see my wild, full of energy, mischievous 3 year-old running around with wild hair. Oh no, I would never post pictures of this if it happens- not me!


He And Me + 3 said...

My husband would totally stick his tongue out too. That is too funny. Sometimes I wonder if I have 4 children.

McCrakensx4 said...

I am all about staying in my jammies as long as I can...I am on vaca don't ya know!! Great List and what is it with the hubbies acting more like kids than the actual kids!! Have a great week!

amanda said...

i'm still not in my jammies at 218.