Sunday, December 28, 2008

Special Christmas Moments with My Oldest

My 7 year-old got a couple of new DS games for Christmas. He was especially excited to get the Batman Lego game. He played it constantly on Christmas.
I sneaked up on him (with hubby ready with the camera), interrupted his game play, and gave him a big hug. I just love our smiles. It is one of my favorite Christmas moments.

This sweet son of mine can really get to me sometimes! He's the one that told me a week or so ago that he loved Daddy more than me (ouch- that hit me in the soft spot). He got to me yesterday. I was out getting some groceries and he asked if he could decorate the mug that he got for Christmas. Without saying a word to Daddy about what he was going to draw. He wrote "You are the Best Mom!" Under that, he wrote "I love mom." and drew a smiley face and a heart. When I got home he told me he had turned one of his gifts into a gift for me.

I will cherish the mug forever. I am touched that is what he wanted to do with his mug. I don't think he has ever said "I love mom." He usually says, Momma, which is what he calls me. He is so proud of the mug and his face lights up every time I use it. He melted my heart with this little mug.


Jessica said...

That's so sweet... The kids say the same thing to Derek all the time, that they love me more. It makes him sad. Yesterday Sasha told her dad that she wanted to marry him because she loved him so much. That was a sweet moment.

Beth E. said...

What a sweet little guy, decorating that mug for you! I have all the little things our boys made for me...notes, cards, ornaments, etc.

It is so typical for kids to say they love one parent more than the other. Take heart! That changes back and forth all the time. :o)

He And Me + 3 said...

Great picture and the hand made gifts are the best. Great job on the mug! Love it!

amanda said...

awww so sweet.