Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Flashback

In 1995, Seth dressed up as Santa and repelled down the inside of the Knoxville Hyatt Regency. (The hotel asked for a Santa from the UT ROTC program.)

Santa and Me

Santa, Me and my parents

One jolly Santa acting silly


sarah said...

LOL-So fun! I love the flashback photos. It makes me want to dig out my old pictures. You look the same!

Kimberly said...

oh my goodness! thanks for the ho, ho, ho - laugh!!!!! =)

He And Me + 3 said...

Those are great. I love looking at the flashback pics. Too funny.

Barnes Yard said...

you are so cute! i love the high waisted plaid pants!!!

ps- tell seth my husband is extrememly lucky!

Jessica said...

LOL! You do look that same!! Love the last one! :)

Beth E. said...

Oh, those are great photos! Flashback pics are so much fun. :o)