Monday, December 08, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

"Not Me!" Monday is such a great exercise that I find myself thinking about possible "Not Me!" posts throughout the week. It is perfect for Mondays because I always need to laugh on Mondays!

Here's a list of somethings that I definitely did not do.

I did not stay up half the night with my hubby talking. We were ranting in agreement and no one was there to listen. We did not laugh about how late it was and then continue to go on and on. I did not let that happen and I am not exhausted today in any way- not me!

I have not been in such a daze (call it the "my kids are hyper and I cannot think straight daze") that I started to fill the sugar container with flour. That would be silly. I can't imagine - not me!

I am not sooo into blogging that I immediately took a picture of the sugar - flour combination just in case I wanted to post about it. That would might make me a little blog crazy- that's just not me!

I did not jump at first chance I got to sneak away and try on my wedding dress. (My mom had just brought it for Elsie’s pictures.) I did not stand in front of the mirror and smile... and feel incredibly proud that this mom of 4 can still zip up her dress. I would not let myself get excited about that and I would not brag about it to my husband-- not me!

I did not make plans for Saturday night with some new friends and realize right afterward that the SEC Championship game was that night. I did not call and cancel part of the plans because I had to watch the game. I was concerned that they wouldn't understand my devotion to my team but I did not even consider missing them game. I did not readily use my husband as part of the reason (with his permission) so I wouldn't seem like a total football fanatic, even though I am - no way, I would never do something like that- not me!

I did not hesitiate to post this Not Me! post because I was afraid it would keep traffic from my Christmas Presence post. The post describes what's going on in my heart this Christmas. I am not going to ask you to please take a minute and check it out. I did not think this might be a clever way to spread the word... not me!


amanda said...

hey. thanks for stopping by my blog. i have a quick second before supper to comment on yours. my husband and i didn't stay up talking a few nights ago either. lol. i'm coming back later when i have a chance to read more of your blog. but supper...and the baby is calling me!!

aj said...

I must say...THAT is awesome! I haven't had four children and I'm not sure I can fit in my wedding dress! HA! I'll blame it on all the hospitalizations and health issues...yeah yeah that's it! :) Couldn't exercise for a loooong time but kept eating...mmmm food! ;)

He And Me + 3 said...

I jump to get the camera all the time to post pics on the blog. just insane. Also...props to you for fitting in your wedding dress. THat is awesome!

Lorie said...

WOW! I am pretty positive that I could not fit into my wedding dress, and that is not NOT ME post; but a sad realization. Oh well....can someone please pass the cupcakes? (Just kidding). Really I know I couldn't fit into my wedding dress.

Also I loved your Christmas presence post. Our church is focusing on A Simple Christmas this Advent season and encouraging more relational gifts as well. It has been so great and inspirational, and I LOVE the idea. I have been posting about that on my blog, for the last few weeks, as well. AWESOME!

Elaine said...

Great list... Flour sugar photo was cracking me up.. Way to go fitting in your dress, wow..

Candace Jean July 16 said...

I save things on sticky notes and start my Not Me post early, because I know come Monday I won't remember a thing!

35 years and 3 kids after the wedding, I wouldn't even attempt to get into my dress. Kudos to you!

Love your blog!

Corine said...

Great not me list! ...Thanks for visiting mine as well...

BTW- I have SO NOT EVER hesitated to post a new post in fear it would slow traffic to a post I really wanted to be seen.

heidi said...

Hiya! Thanks for stopping by. ROb DIDN'T know that I was going to post it, but he was cool with it. :-)