Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Present

David was my miracle baby. That's the way I think of him, anyway. He was born premature- 5 weeks early. My body went into labor. Once we were at the hospital, we found out that David was breech and they couldn't stop my labor. I had an unplanned C-section. David spent time in the NICU and had a year of physical therapy. Sometimes I look at him and just think, he is such a miracle! My husband often comments that if it had been 50 years ago, David or I (one of us) might not have made it. I thank God for David. Each year on his birthday, I seem to spend extra time wrapped up in grattitude. I note how strong he is compared to fragile start. I think about his out-going personality. I send emails to family and post pictures of him on the blog. I believe this past year I posted a NICU picture and then a ton of pictures of him dressed as Superman. I posted pictures of him being a very active 5 year-old boy. I did not focus on the details of his delivery. I am thankful for his beginning but I am even more excited about his present. It is impossible for me to appreciate his miracle birth without an image of the child that I now love.

This past Sunday at church, I was given a new outlook on Christmas. My whole life I have been celebrating baby Jesus at Christmas. I spend my Christmas focused on a baby born in a manger a long time ago. That isn't wrong, necessarily... it just isn't enough. After all, I don't pray to baby Jesus. (Think about the ridiculous blessing by Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights.) To truly celebrate what Christmas is about, I need to remember the beginning and be excited about the present. I need to think about the humble beginning in a manger and how strong Christ is now. He was born a long time ago. It was a miracle. The power in that beginning is seen in His presence in my life. I believe to celebrate Christmas I need to celebrate Christ in my life today. Just as I might send out an email about the activites David is doing, I need to note how strong Christ is in my life. Can I look over the last year and say, "Wow, look how I've grown in Christ!"? That's the miracle of his birth. He was born and he is growing strong in my life.

Christmas morning was the beginning. Remember it. Let it fill your heart with thanksgiving. Celebrate Christmas present! Think about how you have grown this year. If that's convicting, that's okay. You are growing just thinking about it. Celebrate Christ's presence in your life today.


He And Me + 3 said...

What a wonderful post. I agree with you...His birth was just the beginning.

Trisha said...

Amazing. What an inspiration!

Beth E. said...

Well said! Merry Christmas to you and your family. :o)