Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank #91

Every Thursday I take time to be thankful. Thursdays have become one of my favorite days for this reason.

I am thankful for:

1. Good Teachers: I am incredibly thankful for my son's 2nd grade teacher. He happened to have her last year, too (she had a 1st-2nd grade split class last year). She brought him from struggling to read to constantly having his head in a book. He loves to learn. She is a big part of the reason.

2. Dress up clothes: I love seeing my kids excited about dressing up.
After all, what could be better than hugging Elmo?

3. My son didn't get sick on the ride: My 8 year-old rode a ride this weekend that took him really high (about 100 feet in the air), really fast. He's a little squeamish about heights. I have no idea why we let him ride the ride. I am thankful (so thankful) that he didn't throw up.

That's him - the one circled. He looks thrilled, doesn't he?

4. Motivation: I have no idea what's been motivating me but I have been cleaning like a crazy woman all week. I am thankful for that motivation. It was extra nice when I saw a friend tonight and we decided to forgo the McDonald's play land trip tomorrow at lunch and let the kids play at my house. Why not? My house is clean (or mostly) - woo hoo!

5. Baseball fields located next to playgrounds: Two of my boys are playing baseball right now (one in t-ball and one in coach pitch). The teams don't practice on the same days (that's a blessing) or fields. Both fields are located at a park that also has a playground. This is a great arrangement for a family with 4 kids!

6. Lessons in unexpected places: A friend of mine asked for prayer and through her request, I learned a lesson. In other words, I was asked to pray and God taught me through the situation.

7. Thursdays: As lame as this is for #7, I am thankful for my focus on thankful thoughts on Thursdays. I spent the day cleaning and thinking thankful thoughts. Now, I am too tired to make a decent list... but I am thankful for Thursdays.


Carmom said...

Nothing could be better than hugging Elmo! I am scared of heights but I can do roller coasters. I think I can do them because they are fast and you don't have time to think. Ferris wheels on the other hand, that is another thing all together. And being thankful for thankful thoughts is not lame either.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I LOVE the Elmo suit. That is precious.
They took our play ground next to the baseball field down. The school was moved so they moved the play ground too. It's impossible to keep a 4 yr old entertained during my 7 yr olds 2 hour baseball game. I miss the play ground.

RLR said...

Another great list! I love the pic of your little girl hugging "Elmo" - the perfect-sized Elmo for hugging, I think.
Yay for motivation - and for a playdate at home!
My son will be in a K-1 class next year. Glad to hear that the split-class arrangement worked well.
And amen for lessons in unexpected places.

McCrakensx4 said...

Decent list...that was an awesome list! We let the boys ride a ride like that once and although I was squemish watching it, they were fine and loved it! And I wish I had your motivation! Although now that school is out, our house seems to be more 'straightened' then it used to be! Not cleaned per say, just less messy!

He And Me + 3 said...

I think your list was great. I am thankful for great teachers too. THat is so important to have teachers that care for our most precious possessions.
I am also thankful for playgrounds next to soccer and baseball fields. I have one that needs that while his sisters are playing. *Phew*

Pam said...

That Elmo is so adorable, and so is his "hugger."

I love your list, and #7 was not lame at all. I completely understand, and I am thrilled for all the cleaning you got done as well as for your thankful heart.

Guess What! You are the winner at my place for the Sisterchicks book. Just email me and remind me of your address so I can get it the mail first of next week. Thanks for playing and faithfully stopping by my little blog.

samantha said...

Just the pics of those rides make my stomach turn. I don't know how you could handle taking pics =)