Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm sitting

I received devastating news this morning.

A friend of mine lost her child. My heart broke for my friend when I got the news. I cried. My friend lives in another state. I can't go there. I can't give her a hug. I can't be with her. I can't even gather with friends to support her. I can't provide meals or childcare for her children or... anything.

My heart is broken for my friend. I prayed immediately after getting the news. My whole being was (and is) consumed with empathy and sorrow for my friend. I cannot stop hurting for them and praying.

I went church this morning. It was hard to worship. It was hard to think about the lesson being taught. It was hard to think about surrendering hopes and dreams to God. At one point, I had to walk out because my emotions were too much. It was difficult to think about God's promises and how he sustains us in hard times.

These words were shared this morning at church.

"We often think of prayer as what people do who can't do anything else. But this story (David in 2 Samuel 7) turns that kind of thinking on its head. Prayer isn't resignation and inactivity. It is attention given to God whose activity is far bigger and more powerful than our own. Prayer is sitting and listening and speaking to God so that we can get in on what it is that he's doing, that our action might join his action. If we don't stop and take time to pray, we just might find even our most well-intentioned actions going directly against God's actions."

The words gently and powerfully reminded me that prayer is where we join with God.

"Prayer is sitting and listening and speaking to God."

I am sitting with him talking to him about my friend Michele. She was 38 weeks pregnant when her baby boy Jesse died. Please say a prayer for her and her family right now. Instead of celebrating his arrival, they are saying good-bye.

Sit with God. That is what I am doing today.


Beth E. said...

I am praying for Michele and her family. We usually think of someone that far along in their pregnancy as being able to successfully birth their baby. Obviously, something went terribly wrong. My heart goes out to her.

Praying for you, too, my friend!

RLR said...

This is heartbreaking. I'll be praying for them, and for you, too.

momstheword said...

Thank you for sharing this so we could pray for them.

I have had two friends who lost their babies at 38 or 39 weeks. It is indeed devastating.

God's comfort never lets us down though. But we still are hurting when something like this happens. It's o.k. to hurt and mourn with your friend. For then you are sharing her burden, even if you aren't nearby.

McCrakensx4 said...

How heartbreaking...I can't even imagine. Lifting the family up in Prayer and for you too.

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

I am praying for Michele, Jesse and the rest of her family. That is indeed devistating news. I am so glad that you told us so that we can lift them up in prayer and so that you can convey that she has many many people who are lifting her up.

You are a wonderful friend, and although you can not be there in person to HUG her, you are loving her none the less!!! And that is what she needs!

Jessica said...

Oh my, how heartbreaking. I too will lift the family up in prayer.

He And Me + 3 said...

I am so sorry for you and your friend Michele. How devastating. I am praying for them now. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Alicia said...

I have a cousin who lost her baby within one week of giving birth. I can't even imagine the pain of having to deliver a stillborn.

But, God is faithful, and He can and will give her His strength to hold her up.

I will be praying for your friend!!

Lorinda said...

Praying for Michele and her family.

And also for you. I grieved 'long distance' with/for a friend last fall who lost a young adult child to suicide. And the distance made it hard in a different way than any other loss I've dealt with. Being far away is hard. Not being able to "do" any of the things that we do for friends in need is hard. And not having anyone else nearby who is feeling the same loss is very hard.

May you continue to find peace and comfort in your sitting with God.

Jeanne said...

I'm so sorry for your dear friend. I'm remembering her family in my prayers this week. I'll also remember you in her prayers and that God may guide you further in being a support to her during this time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing about prayer. What a great reminder. It was hard to concentrate at church yesterday. I don't know much of what was said. So, again, thanks.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I'm so sorry. I'm praying for your friend and her family.

Nowheymama said...

I am so sorry.

Any Jo said...

This happened to Mazi. Her first born. I know what emotion and pain it can cause even 40+ years after the fact. I will pray for her continued healing and for you. I know what it's like to feel helpless when all you want to do is take away the hurt. I love you dear friend.

samantha said...

It's times like these when we need to be so thankful for what we have. As I tucked my own children in to bed tonight I again shed tears for you and your friend. I hope with prayer and time their hearts will heal. My prayers go out to you, and your friend.

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Praying for Michelle and her family. My heart would be breaking too. Lifting you in prayer as well.