Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank #99

At the end of my day yesterday I made a list of things that made me smile. I decided to pick a large number and see if I could list that many joys from the day. I realized that there is a lot to be thankful for in each day. Here's what made me smile on Wednesday.

I am thankful for these things (and so much more):

1. Coffee first thing in the morning
2. Vacation Bible School
3. My husband
4. The nice man that took my shopping cart back
5. Not being late
6. An Iced Latte
7. Blackberries (that we picked as a family the night before)
8. The teacher in charge of snacks at VBS
9. A sweet moment when my 4 year old insisted on holding his sister's hand
10. Watching the kids play on their bikes, scooters, and riding toys
11. Sunshine
12. The dandelion flower my 5 year old proudly brought to me as a gift
13. My 8 year old's friend that lives down the street
14. Having a friend stop by unexpectedly
15. An unused amazon gift card
16. My husband coming home early from work
17. Salad
18. One on one time with my girl
19. Walking around the block
20. Receiving 3 free coupons for coffee
21. Meeting a neighbor
22. My Kids' laughter
23. Email
24. A planned coffee date
25. Comments on my blog
26. A helpful school administrator
27. Music
28. Pictures
29. A friend that is willing to help me out
30. Watching my husband get excited about going on a trip
31. A beautiful full moon
32. The local paper
33. The quiet of the house at night
34. A ring returned from the jewelry repair shop
35. Hugs from my husband and kids
36. My husband's jokes about me being older than him

Oh my, did anyone notice how many times I mentioned coffee??
You can be sure there will be coffee involved in next week's Thursday Thanks Tank Giveaway! (I mean, was there ever any doubt?)

One week from today I'm going to celebrate 100 Thanks Tank posts. It is going to be so much fun. I am really celebrating you. I appreciate you reading my words. I am grateful that you take time to read my blog.

I appreciate comments, too (and you know, you'll get rewarded with contest entries for that!).

One more little thing – Because it’s about a topic that’s important to me, I’d love for you to take time to read my last post: Back to School With Allergies.

Have a great day! Take time to be thankful - you will be better off for it.


Nowheymama said...

I am thankful we're going on vacation tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Wow #99!! You're so close to 100!

Amy Jo said...

I am THANKFUL FOR YOU! Today, especially!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear sweet friend. Look for something in your mail in the next few days. ;) I love you.

Alicia said...

Loved your thankful list!! It's nice to acknowledge even the littlest thing!!

I need to make a list too because it put so many things in perspective for me!

Alicia said...

Oh..and I just read the comment before mine!


Missy said...

I am thankful for this wonderful blog that I get to visit daily.

I love seeing a glimpse of your life and you often post things that really make me thank.

Happy Birthday!!

John and Carrie said...

I am thankful for your 36 years of beautiful life!

Pam said...

I copied your idea somewhat on my Thanks Tank this week. This was great! Loved it.

Thankful for you, Jane Anne.

Jen said...

I most certainly DID notice how many times you mentioned coffee! :) Wonderful list!

Brandi said...

Coffee, coffee, coffee. . . :) I ♥ coffee!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I'm thankful that I have medicine closet full of OTC meds to try and get rid of my awful summer cold.

And I not only read your last post, but I linked back to it this morning (hope that's OK). :)

ChupieandJ'smama said...


Jill said...

I'm thankful for a friend like you!!!! Happy Birthday YOUNG lady!!! Are we going to party tonight???? Let's go to the DIXIE!

He & Me + 3 said...

I was going to comment on how many thankfuls involved coffee and then you said something about it. You crack me up. How did you get 3 free coffee coupons? LOL

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday!!!

You are grateful that we read you blog - well I am grateful for the inspiring words you write. Thank you for a wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. Thanks for a fun list. It inspires as always. Wish I could have been the unexpected friend.

RLR said...

Enjoyed your list! I didn't post this week since we have limited access while we are on vacation, but there will certainly be a big bunch of thankful on my blog next week!