Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Thanks Tank #50

This morning as I was starting to make a mental list of my blessings, I realized that I needed to start my thankful exercise in a different place. I read several Psalms and focused on Psalms 31 and 62. I made a list of God’s greatness. After focusing on God and his amazing love, my heart is full of thankfulness and gratitude.

Before I share my list, here’s a quote from Jerry Bridges that I read this morning after my reading in Psalms:
“ I believe God also takes note of the sincerity and depth of meaning we put into giving thanks to Him. Being healed of leprosy—or cancer in our time—is vastly less significant than having eternal life. If we had to choose between being healed of cancer and receiving eternal life, the decision for any Christian would be easy. Yet how often do we express our thanksgiving to God for the gift of eternal life with as much depth of feeling as the one leper who “came back, praising God in a loud voice” and who “threw himself at Jesus’s feet and thanked him?”

My Thankful List:
God Provides my soul rest – gives me contentment (Psalm 62:1,5)
God Grants me salvation – saves me from what I deserve (Psalm 62:1)
God Gives me hope (Psalm 62:5)
God is a Great Listener – I can pour out my heart to Him (Psalm 62:8)
God is my Protector – He is my fortress and I will never be shaken (Psalm 62:6)
God is my Refuge – I can come to him when I am troubled (Psalm 31:1,4,14; Psalm 62:7, 8)
God is Strong – more powerful than I can imagine (Psalm 31:2, Psalm 62:11)
God is Loving – his love is unfailing and wonderful (Psalm 31:16, 21)
God is True (Psalm 31: 5)
God Stores up Goodness for me (Psalm 31: 19)

I encourage you to take time to be thankful today.


Carmom said...

Thank you Jane Anne. As always you are an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for your words.

Kimberly said...

An amazing list!