Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thursday Thanks Tank #46

Here are some ways my Thanks Tank is being filled:
1. My big sister: I am thankful for my big sister. She is a great friend! I am thankful that she is always there for me if I need her. She is on my mind today because it is her birthday. I wish I was there with her family and my parents to help her celebrate.
2. Friends: I am thankful for my friend who watched my boys today. I have been blessed time and time again by friends that have watched my children when I needed a babysitter.
3. A laid back baby: Elisabeth is one easy going baby. The girl amazes me. I am so thankful that she has been my most laid back baby! It is perfect timing in my busy house.
4. Power of prayer: A couple of times lately I have marveled at how well something has gone. Then, I recognized that I had been praying for that very thing.
5. Our Country and especially the Armed Forces: The fourth of July always makes me feel proud and thankful to live in the United States. It also makes me really appreciate soldiers. I am so incredibly thankful for everyone that is serving (and has served) our country.
6. Healthy babies: A friend of mine just had a healthy baby boy. Her 1st child was very premature. I am thankful for Jack’s safe arrival.
7. One on One time with my kids: This month, I am starting a scheduled way to spend some one on one time with each of my children. I had my first “kid date” last night. It was a joy!
8. Making Wise Decisions: I am thankful for this because I had to make a decision this week and it was hard. It was hard to do the right thing when I wanted to be frivolous and impromptu.
9. Getting out of my Comfort Zone: I am being stretched and it is good.
10. Encouragement: I am thankful for kind words. My spouse encouraged me this week. My kids encouraged me. A friend encouraged me to notice what brings me joy. Encouraging words are so powerful!
11. Long weekend: I love that we have a long weekend. I am looking forward to lots of laid back family time this weekend!
12. Preschool: I signed David up for preschool this week. I am SO excited. I had turned in registration forms at another preschool (which I felt good about) but I couldn't shake the feeling that I really wanted David in a Christian preschool. I met with the director of the Christian preschool and had a tour. The teacher called me that afternoon to talk about David's allergy. I feel such peace about this decision.

I feel extremely thankful today. I think I could just keep going on and on with listing thankful thoughts. It has been a good week.

Please take time to be thankful today. Don't neglect to take time tomorrow to think about what a wonderful country we live in and thank God for it. Thank God for the men and women serving our country.


Gina's Public Diary said...

Lovely thankful list!! A laid back baby is a good thing. :)

Kimberly said...

Awesome post JA! Thank you for being such a wealth of thankfulness. I am encouraged every time I read your blog!

Pam said...

Great post. I kind of dropped the ball this week.