Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Thanks Tank #48

Here is what is filling up my Thanks Tank today:
1. Kind Neighbors: My neighbor brought me fresh locally grown raspberries today. What a treat!
2. Enduring Love: God’s love endures forever and I was reminded of that this morning—see Psalm 138:8 and Psalm 136
3. Elsie: She is 8 months old today. She's my doll!
4. Moonlit and starry nights: The other night my dh (dear hubby) and I sat outside admiring the beautiful sky. The moon was bright and beautiful. On another night this week, my dog woke me up in the middle of the night. As I was grumbling and letting him outside, I noticed how many stars were brightly shinning while the town was dark.
5. Costumes: My boys surprised me today and got out the dress up clothes. It had been a while. They love pretending and I love to watch their imagination run wild. (I love that even the oldest isn't too big to enjoy it!)

6. Learning: I am thankful that I am still learning about myself and my dh. This week we discovered the personality Enneagram. It is such a joy to continue to learn new things about myself and my husband.
7. Bikes, inline skates, tennis shoes, and the pool: I have enjoyed all of these things this week. The exercise feels wonderful!
8. Summer Nights: Tonight after dinner, I went outside to swing Elsie. The boys soon followed and discovered I was watering part of the yard. They were back in and out with their swimsuits on in record speed. It was a beautiful night to laugh, blow bubbles, push a baby in a swing and watch kids run in the sprinkler.

Thanks for reading my thankful thoughts! I hope it encourages you in some way to take time to be thankful.


Denise said...

Great thankfuls, and I enjoyed the pictures.

Pam said...

Beautiful list, Jane Anne.

I wish we could water around here. Your yard looks lush and inviting. No wonder the boys were so quick to don swimsuits! Looks like they had a great time. : )

I cannot believe your sweet girl is already eight months. She is just precious.

I miss the dress up days. My JD Green just got rid of all his costume clothing this summer.

Have a blessed weekend, friend.

Jessica said...

What a great Thanks list. I might have to steal this idea, although I think it's great that you're the only person I know that does this. I love the Star Wars pic, my 2 boys have been so obsessed with SWs after we got the Star Wars Lego Wii game.

Mom said library time was extra fun this week!