Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Good Start to Kindergarten

Kindergarten started on Tuesday. I started the day as if I was on a mission. It was going to be a busy, busy day. Some moms talk about how they tear up after leaving their children at Kindergarten. Not me, I was just too busy. However, the night before, I was a mess.

Back to Tuesday.

I went to school with my son and took tons of pictures. Due to his peanut allergy, his room is being kept peanut-free. The kids left their lunches outside of the room. Here's a picture of my son before class. Notice the lunches behind him and the peanut free sign on the door.

I got him settled in his room a bit and as the other parents continue to watch and snap photos, I snuck out to talk to the nurse. I went and signed in all of my son's meds. There were forms to fill out. I found out that I didn't have (and needed) a prescription labeling on his Epipen and Inhaler. I should have known that- I just didn't think of it. I went back to the room, took a few more pictures, and then told my son I would be back.

I headed home so my husband could get to work. Then, I dropped off my other 2 little one's at a friend's house.

I went back to the kindergarten class. The class had already been on a school tour that included the cafeteria and a good explanation of the peanut free table.

I brought sunbutter to the class. The kids got a chance to taste sunbutter on Ritz crackers. Many of the kids tried it and most all of the kids that did said they liked it.

I read the class the book Allie the Allergic Elephant and the teacher explained to the class the room would be peanut free. Here's a picture of me reading to the class.

At lunch, my son sat at the newly established peanut free table. The aides worked hard to make sure that no one sat there with peanut butter. There was one sweet boy that was excited to sit at the table and seemingly devasted (he seemed like he might cry) because he had to move because his dessert was a Reese's peanut butter cup. There were other kids at the table (much to this mom's relief) and my son hit it off with another little boy with a beautifully nut-free home-packed lunch. Here's a picture of my son at lunch.

The only thing my son mentioned that was hard on my heart a bit was that all of the other kids 'had to wash their hands (after lunch) so that they wouldn't touch me'.

Even though that was hard to hear, I don't think he was all that bothered.
He had a wonderful day at kindergarten. He is excited about school. His claims his favorite part is recess. He was thrilled to see his big brother on the playground. More than anything, he looks forward to learning to read.

Here he is on his way out of school.

The "Tuesday Folder" that my son is carrying contained another copy of the letter to the school about a new student with a peanut allergy. (It originally went out in the registration packets.) In her letter to the parents, the teacher wrote about my son's allergy. She also included the safe classroom snack list that I provided to her and mentioned that she had a list for classroom parties, as well.

We had a good start to Kindergarten. My son is very excited. I am thankful for the support I have.


John and Carrie said...

Praise God!!! Thanks for sharing your day and the pictures!! You are an awesome Mommy. It sounds like everything went very well! Yeah!

Trisha said...

Wow! It sounds like everyone at the school is working hard to keep him safe! That is so encouraging!

Carrie said...

Great pictures! Sounds like it went pretty smoothly and he has a great smile to show for his great day! So impressed with all your work to help keep him safe...and all the other little ones with allergies who will follow in his footsteps :)

Nicole said...

I'm so glad everything went well. The part about how glad you were that there were other kids at your son's table brought me back to my son's first day of kindergarten. We had his peanut free part of the table all set up, but no one sat by him. At that time the cafeteria still offered pb sandwiches and, being new to school, all the kids in his class just took it 'cuz it was offered. I was so sad. The next day the teacher fixed it though and made sure the kids knew that they didn't have to take the p.b. and after that my son always had company at the table.

Carrie said...

Hooray for a great first day. Now I will be praying that the other moms will get it together and start making nut-free lunches. Maybe that sweet boy from lunch will go home and make a difference with his mom so that tomorrow he will come with a more appropriate dessert!!!!

A thought I had was to send little nut-free cards home with all the kids. Then the parents could put that card in the lunchbox if they have packed a nut-free lunch. But I guess the lunches would still have to be checked because some people just don't get it. That must be incredibly frustrating. But my guess is the kids are going to start to get it and they are the ones that will make a difference!

Wish I could do more, but I am still praying for you!

Amy Jo said...

Thank you for sharing about the day. It sounds like it went well! Y'all will continue to be in my prayers.

Foursons said...

It's sounds like you are getting great support from the school! Good job! And so glad to see that he had such a good first day.

RLR said...

I think reading the book and sharing SunButter with the kids was a great idea!

I'm keeping track of all the things that you are doing. Miss M eats lunch in her (nut-free) classroom right now, but things will change when she gets to 2nd grade and gets to eat in the cafeteria!

MiMi said...

So glad that the school is on board!! That helps so much. When I took Kolby to school last week I had to stop by the office and I noticed there was a table with 10 or more epipens on it from kids with allergies to all kinds of things. It's scary.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Sounds like the day went great! I hope both your sons have wonderful school years ahead!

Jessica said...

That is awesome! You are such a great mom JA! You also look beautiful!!!

Jen said...

That is wonderful that everyone is taking such care. Our primary school was tree-nut free for the 2 years my daughter was there. It's terrible that allergies are so prevalent and dangerous.

Elaine A. said...

That is SO wonderful that they have been so accommodating for his allergies and that you got to see it all in action!

And SO glad he had a great first day too! : )