Saturday, October 30, 2010

This is My Life

I was making biscuits this morning, casually looking out the window from time to time thinking about the cool, rainy day.

It would be such a nice day to sit in a coffee shop sipping on a latte with a good book in-hand.

The music in the background made me long for the serenity of a peaceful place. The noise of my kids laughing and talking kept me present in my world.

And then, I recognized discontentment.

If I were at the coffee shop, I might be looking around at the people there wishing I were with a really good friend.

If I were at a coffee shop with my best friend, we'd probably be dreaming of the day when we could take a trip together.

If were were taking a trip together, we'd probably be talking about the next, even better trip.

So, I prayed:
"Lord, let me be satisfied with the now. Let me be satisfied with the life I have. Let me be satisfied with today. Lord, satisfy me and the longings of my heart in a way that nothing else can."

I will take the biscuits from my oven.

I will take the raining dreary day.

I will take a backyard with overgrown grass strewn with toys.

I will take these happy, boisterous video game playing boys.

I will take a sweet girl with crazy bed head hair.

I will even take the cobwebs.

This is my life. I'm going to pour myself another cup of coffee and enjoy it.


Deciduous Heather said...

I really loved this post. Thanks for the gentle reminder that I need to cherish today. :)

Beth E. said...

Beautiful post, Jane Anne! We all have a tendency to wish for more, instead of being satisfied with the many blessings we already have.

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Carmom said...

Thank you! This is something that I often need to remember! There are so many things in the here and now that should be cherished!

sharon said...

What a great reminder to be content with the life and circumstances we are given. God is good. His blessings are enough.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Amen! I so struggle with contentment. But it's important to know that God has us right where we are for a reason. Thanks for that reminder today!