Sunday, October 24, 2010

My State of Mind

I talked to my husband tonight. He's in Indiana.
I just took the Washington State plates off of my car and put on Oregon plates.
My alma mater, Alabama, beat my husband's alma mater, Tennessee.
I grew up in Tennessee. I went to college in Alabama.
The football victory was exciting until tonight when I found out that my team's biggest rival, Auburn, is #1.
Auburn is #1. Oregon, a team many of my local friends love, is #2.
I really want to go on a family vacation to California.

I live in a state of confusion.


Seth said...

And i just want to be in the same state as you (not confusion... Just whatever state you're in)

Honey said...

your mom and I spoke yesterday, both hoping you will all live much closer in the near future!!! Hang in there...the A.U. vs Bama game is definitely gonna be a good one...sometimes I just think GOD likes to keep us in a state of confusion so we don't get all I'm with matter what state you are both in, I pray for you to be together soon! patti b.

Beth E. said...

Hahaha...state of confusion...very clever!

You better let me know next time you're in TN. If I remember correctly, I live about 3 hours from where you lived. We could meet in Gatlinburg or something!

Stop by my blog sometime this week. I'm having a giveaway, to celebrate my 300th blog involves STARBUCKS! ;-)

McCrakensx4 said...

Story of my life sister! Hope you get a handle on things and hang in there!!