Monday, November 10, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

I did not have to explain bras to my 5 and 7 year-olds this week – not me…and it was not absolutely hysterical.

I did not get so into a football game on Saturday that I refused to answer the phone (it had just gone into overtime folks). I did not gain a huge appreciation for the many times my husband has been caught up in the emotions of a game—not me, I am not that into sports.

I did not hide the kids meal toys from my 7 year-old (since he was in school when I bought his brothers a kids meal). I realized too late that my hiding place was lame. I did not feel silly when my 7 year-old didn’t even care about the kids meal toy – no way, not me!

I did not spend much of the weekend feeling both sad and happy about my daughter’s upcoming 1 year old birthday. I could not be looking forward to her birthday and sad at the same time – not me.

I did not purposely put off a trip quick to the store on Saturday so I could get a latte on Sunday morning before church (and get the snacks I needed for the kids)—not me, I would not be that conniving.

I did not spend too much time on Facebook last night with my hubby. We did not quickly loose track of time and decide to postpone the weekly grocery shopping trip. I cannot believe we did that –not us.

I did not get up and go to the store this morning at 7. That would be totally unlike me. I did not think it was totally worth it because I got a gingerbread latte on Monday morning. I would not have savored every sip – not me!

I have not been trying to teach my daughter “Roll Tide” and showing her this cute little stuffed Elephant – most every time she wakes up from her nap. I do not think it would be absolutely adorable if “Roll Tide” was of her first phrases and her Elephant was one of her favorite toys. – not me!

I have not spent more time (off and off as the kids allowed) than planned on the computer today. I not going to have trouble staying off the computer all afternoon- not me! (By the way, I am planning on checking for updates on baby Mia. Please pray for her.)


Elaine said...

Too funny, great list. We will be praying for baby Mia too. I had happy meal toys too. I don't even think my kids realize they get one in those bags yet. How mean am I.

By the way, I facebook to. Elaine Daniels Carter if you want to look me up....

Beth E. said...

Love your Not Me's! The bra thing is just too funny...When our youngest was about 3 yrs., he began calling my bras "bosom bags." The name stuck and that's what we call them EVEN NOW! haha

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I enjoy meeting new people and making friends. Please feel free to stop by again, anytime! :o)

Julie said...

How funny! When you mentioned the game I was going to ask if it was Alabama! :) Roll Tide! We're trying to teach my little one to say "Bama" far it hasn't caught on!

I was sad/happy too when my son turned one. They just grow up too quickly!

Liz said...

looks like Alabama is having a pretty meant to be year...if any team is going to have a cinderella season I'm glad it's ya'll!
Boomer Sooner... :-)

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

The bra thing was really cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a really cute site!

Following Him said...

Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog. You totally crack me up by writing about explanation of the bras. I seriously did not giggle out loud. You are free to visit any time!

Anonymous said...

Explaining bras to your boys?! Priceless...just wait until you have to explain the "feminine products" - that one through me for a loop! Loved your Not me! post!