Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Moment: Googly Eyes

The other day my 2nd son David was curious, asked questions, and, of course, got an exceptional answer from his bigger brother.

David: Momma, are you wearing something on your boobies?
Momma: Um, yes, David, I am.
David: What is it called?
Momma: A bra
David: Do you always wear it?
Momma: Yep.
David: Why?
Momma: (Thinking: oh boy, this is getting interesting) I wear my bra for support.
David: What is support?
Momma: Um, hmmm... Support is helping... um.... my boobs are a bit heavy and my bra holds them in the right place.
Jonathan: I KNOW!! Without your bra, your boobs would be like googly eye glasses!!

You know, there really wasn't much I could say after that. I was in tears laughing.

(Ironically, my third son had a conversation about daddy's boobies yesterday. If you need another laugh, you should check that out.)


John and Carrie said...


aj said...

That's awesome! ;)

Jessica said...

If you didn't wear them you would get the saggy comment I got from Sasha! LOL!

Beth E. said...

What a hoot! Gotta love little boys...hehe

Trisha said...

Hilarious! I've really enjoyed going back and reading these posts....