Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm Loving Your Blog

My sweet friend Elaine at Matters of the Heart gave me this blog award earlier in the week. I met Elaine in blogland after posting about David's allergy. Her son also has a peanut allergy. She has another wonderful blog called, Nut Free Living. Go check her blogs out.

Here are the rules of the award. By the way, I did not make these up, I took them right from Elaine's post, she said she didn't make them up either.

1. Name 5 things you love.
2. Pass the award on to 5 blogs you love.
3. Link back to the giver's blog, and tell how fabulous they are.

Five things I love in no particular order:

1. Starbucks coffee: I owe my allegience to Starbucks to Amy Jo. I developed my hearty habit when I lived in Colorado. I had no kids then and never gave it a thought when I grabbed my latte. Now I just savor getting Starbucks gift cards (hint, hint!).
2. Alabama Football: Roll Tide!! This is one good football year for Bama fans!
3. Silence: Isn't that the craziest thing? I am a mom with 3 boys (7,5,and 3) and a little girl that turns 1 on Monday. I do not get many quiet moments. On top of that, my darling husband loves to have background noise (the radio, the TV, and lately, YouTube videos). I cherish my moments of silence.
4. Saturday mornings: Unless there is something going on, I usually get to take it easy on Saturday mornings. My husband loves to get up and make breakfast on Saturdays. Breakfast is my favorite meal, by the way. Apparently my father-in-law always made breakfast for the family on Saturdays and so my hubby likes to do the same. (What a wonderful thing my father-in-law blessed me with!)
5. Creative Activities with my kids: I love taking time to do creative activities with my kids. Honestly, I have to work really hard to make time for it because I am never done with my to do list. I get tremendous joy seeing my kids create.

Now let me pass this award on to five other blogs I love... wow, I gotta tell you I had so much trouble trying to decide who to honor with this. I really love all of my blogging friends. Here are 5 blogs that I enjoy and the reason they are significant to me:

1. Barnes Yard: Confessions of an Obsessive Mommy-- This blog is written by a new friend of mine. We are in MOPS together. I love her humor and she inspires me with her crafty abilities.
2. LeighAnn's_Words--This blog is written by my forever friend. (We were born a day a apart in the same hospital!) She inspires me with her political and Biblical insights.
3. Hazy Views: A Day in the Life Of Mother of Two Girls-- This blog is written by one of best friends. I check it constantly because I miss her now that we don't live in the same town.
4. More Than Cake-- This blog is written by a friend of mine's husband. His posts make inspire me and make me think.
5. Without Fear-- This blog is written by a blogland friend of mine. She is the inspiration behind my Thursday Thanks Tanks. She also helped me while my hubby was deployed because she was posting about dealing with fear.

One more: I found a blog yesterday that lists blogland giveaways. Too fun! Check it out: Blog Giveaways


Elaine said...

You are so sweet. Thanks for all of your help with my challenge. It was so much fun.

J. R. Miller said...

Thanks for the encouraging award. I posted a special thanks on my Kudos page.

J. R. Miller said...

I also added you to my friends who blog list... :-)

leigh ann said...

Wow! Thanks so much for this. It's truly an honor. And not that you'll be surprised by this, but Jeff has always gotten up and fixed breakfast on Saturday mornings. Cool, huh? :)

sarah said...

I love silence too! Often my favorite time of the week is before anyone else is awake and all is quiet! Although I do love the soft sound of the coffee pot brewing in the background.

aj said...

Maybe I need to have kids to get rid of my Starbucks habit?!?! ;) I miss you, JJ. Love, AJ