Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday's Food for Thought

Some random thoughts about my children (or at least the 3 that are home right now):

My 3rd child is definitely my child. Once, when I was visiting my sister in college, her and her friends dared me to mix my ketchup in my ice cream. I mixed it, ate it and liked it. Thomas loves ketchup. If he has ketchup, he will dip any food in it. If he runs out of food, he gets creative. This is what I discovered when I looked up from doing the dishes.

My 2nd son is all words. I have heard that men have a lot less words to use than women. I don't know if that is true. I started wondering today if David is going to be a total recluse when he is older. He might just use up all of his words as a child. The boy talks (expressively, I might add) constantly.

Elisabeth loves going to my MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) group. She plays constantly there and wears herself out. Every Friday after MOPS, she passes out in her swing while I am getting the boys lunch. I think she's so cute.


Kimberly said...

hey what happened to my warning about the following pictures making me want to GAG!!!!! i thought we had an unspoken agreement that i would continue to look at & comment on your blog as long as anytime you were going to post pictures as horrendous as these of Thomas that i would be forewarned!!!! your killing me!!!!!
and it truly breaks my heart to hear you say things like - you mixed ketchup with your ice cream and liked it!!!!!
anywhoo - you're totally right David is totally going to use up all his words and then he become Keith when he's an old married guy!!! seriously, who ever heard of someone not talking all the way from southern cali to the middle of oregon and they weren't even mad!!!
and lastly, Elsie Jane is the absolute cutest 11 month old baby girl in the world and her bib rocks!!!! =)

Elaine said...

Beautiful kids and great photos.

Thanks for my Friday comment. It is a tough one to talk about, but am so glad I have those wonderful pictures...

Brother you never wanted said...

I can totally understand how Keith can go 750 miles without talking if he's in the car with you. Did he even have the opportunity to talk? I mean, I assume you stopped talking at some point along the way in order for you to notice that he wasn't talking, right?

John & Carrie said...

Elisabeth is getting so big! These are all great pictures and insights to your precious children!

Melanie said...

What sweet pictures of your children. Thanks for visiting me this week.

Have a great weekend.