Friday, November 21, 2008

A Forever Moment

Today when I picked Jonathan up from school, I parked and went to meet him. His school fundraiser items had come in and we needed to pick them up. When he saw me, his face lit up with a beautiful smile. I was talking to another mom. He grabbed my hand. After a few minutes of waiting, he was ready to go. I excused myself and we walked hand in hand into the school. We had been told the fundraiser items were in the cafeteria. We walked toward the cafeteria. I kept expecting Jonathan to let go of my hand but he didn't. We held hands all the way to the cafeteria. In reality, it isn't that far. It seemed like such a long way to go with my 7 year-old's hand in mine. I kept expecting him to pull away and be embarrassed to hold my hand in front of the other kids that were coming and going. He wasn't embarrassed at all and he didn't seem to give it a second thought. I, however, savored every step and the sweet feeling of holding his hand. I recognized that I don't hold his hand very often and very rarely in public. I recognized that it will not be long before he doesn't want to hold my hand. It was a sweet moment. I thought to myself: I hope I remember this forever.


momstheword said...

Hello! I happened to see your profile on "He & me + 3's blog" and had to pop over to see what you were holding in your hand, lol!

No, you will never forget these precious moments. My boys are 15 & 19 and though we don't walk and hold hands I still get hugs and kisses goodnight (and at other times).

Since they were little we always told them to never be afraid to show their love to their family. So far they've never shyed away from hugging or kissing us goodbye.

The pictures of your family are precious! How very blessed you are. Nice to "meet" you!

He And Me + 3 said...

I had that same experience the other day with my 8 year old and thought...gosh I miss doesn't happen often, so I was so thankful to hold that hand once again & feel so needed.
Great post!

RLR said...

Oh, that's so sweet! And you won't forget - at least for me, that's part of why I keep my blog. I go back and look at my old posts sometimes - and I don't even have that many, yet!
Thanks for sharing :)

Beth E. said...

You are so right! Our children grow up way too fast. Seems like mine were little one day, and I turned around and they were almost grown. :o( Mine are 19 yrs and 17 yrs.

I have always told them (similar to momstheword) that, regardless of how old they are, they will never be too grown up to give their dad and I hugs and kisses! :o)


Anonymous said...

How sweet. I didn't realize that I was taking it for granted that my 9year old still holds my hand anywhere and everywhere. Now I will think about it more and treasure it more. Thanks,

Kimberly said...

i agree that moments like these are fewer and farther between and we do need to grab hold of the memories and refuse to let go. savanah just spent 20 minutes curled up on my lap while we looked through old pictures of her daddy. it was precious! thanks for the reminder!