Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thanks Tank #27

Much to my delight, I discovered an old journal today. The journal is a Count Your Blessings journal. Each day there are spaces to write 5 things you are thankful for. I used the journal some in 2002. It was fun reading over the items on each list. I was thankful for things like hearing Seth's voice on the phone (boy I am so thankful he isn't in Korea!), Jonathan falling asleep in my arms (wow that was a long time ago!), and being in TN to see UA beat UT in football at Neyland Stadium (what a great memory!). All the different pages made me smile and reminded me that it is a daily devotion to make my heart a thankful heart.
On to my list-- here's how my tank is being filled with thanks this week:

1. Snow: I am absolutely child-like when it snows. I had fun watching the beautiful snow fall and then playing in it with my kids.
2. Kind Neighbors: I am thankful for my neighborhood! I went to a baby shower for a neighbor this week. Yesterday, we had Jonathan out at the bus stop. He came back to the door complaining that no other kids were out there. About that time, our next door neighbor (who was driving out of her driveway) says, “Hey, you know there’s a 2 hour school delay?” We didn’t and we were so thankful she was there to help us out. (By the way, they had gone to school for regular school day the day before and it had only rained overnight! Oh well, it was wonderful to be helped out by our neighbor!)
3. Morning: "Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness." Lamentations 3:22-23
4. Library Books: This new habit of mine (getting books from the library) is giving me such joy.
5. Phones: This week I finally made a call to a close friend of mine. It was so refreshing! I also received a call from a new friend. It was so encouraging!
6. Painted Toe Nails: This time of year, I am really the only one who pays attention to my toe nails. I am not sure anyone really ever does but they are at least visible in the warmer months. Anyway, I painted my toe nails this week. I am thankful b/c it makes me smile and b/c it reminded me that I need to do little things for myself.
7. Praying with my Kids
8. Winter Tub: Last year I decided to tub up some items by seasons. It was wonderful this week to be able to get the tub out of the garage and have everything I needed for the kids to play in the snow (snow shoes/rainboots, waterproof gloves, hats, etc)
9. Getting to Know you Surveys: I got one of these in my email this week. It made me think about what I am afraid of and what inspires me. These are good things to think about. (And, I am thankful that I am getting to know myself—Ha! Ha!)
10. Timeless toys: Toys like Brio Trains, Fisher Price Little People, Playdough, hotwheels and lincoln logs—-these toys are just priceless! They often provide my children with harmonious playtime.
11. Stress Free Grocery shopping
12. Getting Housework “Done”: No, I am not done with my housework but I am always thankful when I can recognize what I accomplished.


Kimberly said...

Oh JA, what I'd give for a trip to the nail salon for a pedicure with you!!
And thanks for the "seasonal tub" idea. I'm definitely going to steal that one. It's perfect!

Anonymous said...

Winter Tub - BRILLIANT! I'm going to make mine tomorrow!


Jessica said...

I enjoy reading all your THANKS!