Friday, January 18, 2008

Suggestive Advertising

Yesterday I was in the car when Thomas says to me, "Hey Momma, I want to do THAT." I turn to look and I realize he is pointing to the toliet paper that I had bought during the triumphant Fred Meyer trip. (Now, why is that still in the car? Oops.) So, I say something like, "What Thomas?" He points to the toliet paper and says again, "I want to do that."

Have you ever even noticed what the sweet bear is doing? It looks pretty fun to a 2 year old but it isn't exactly what I would call family friendly advertising!

Here's how the rest of the conversation went.
(M) "Oh, you want to do THAT, huh?"
(T) "Yes, I doooo." (M) "Well, see...only bears can do that." (T) "Oh."

That was end of the conversation. It wasn't exactly the most honest answer. It was as creative as I could get at the time. I was not about to try to explain advertising to a 2 year old while driving (and enjoying my beloved Starbucks). I am still amazed that the answer worked for Thomas!


Kimberly said...

That's pretty funny! I'm sure you are so thankful that he TOLD you he wanted to do it before he ACTUALLY did it. It's always easier to nip these sorts of things in the bud before they can ever even start!
(So how are you enjoying those Starbucks these days? Have you adjusted to soy or is Elsie doing better with the milk?)

Melissa Guay said...

Well...technically only a bear CAN do specifically what the BEAR is doing in the picture, yes? That's pretty darned funny that he said that though! :)))

Jane Anne said...

To answer the starbucks question, I am enjoying the coffee with milk! I tried soy but I didn't like it-- it just seemed to ruin the perfect drink. Elsie is doing better with dairy. I am taking in less milk overall and I am drinking Lactaid at home. (Also, she has figured out how to get that gas out of her belly!!)

Fields Favorites said...

OK, it may be my little blonde brain not getting this... What is suggestive here? All I see is a bear rubbing TP on his cheek to see if it's soft... I do, however, remember the commercials where he's shaking his little rear end... Someone explain!!! : )

Glad you are enjoying your Starbucks with milk, Jane Anne... I'm not a huge soy fan either.

Jane Anne said...

Ah Kathy...The non-family friendly suggestion is simply unrolling that toliet paper with a big grin on your face! I am thinking you have never had trouble with one of your boys unrolling the toliet paper! Truth is, neither Jonathan or David were very interested in TP fun. Thomas on the other hand, he thinks he can unroll it, roll it back and unroll it. And, if I would let him, he would TP the whole bathroom!

Carmom said...

It reminds me of the scene in Curious George where he plays with the TP. My niece saw the movie, did the same thing and in answer to why, "Curious George did it."

Amy said...

That is really funny. I think Adeline would do that. Emma, no way. She hates getting in trouble! BTW, Emma lost her first tooth yesterday. Has Jonathan lost any?? She was SO excited. She had to call me and tell me all about it. :)