Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Year Goals - Organization

Okay, I have given up on writing one large post about the goals I have set for myself. Instead, I think I will just write here and there about what I am striving towards. That way, not only will I actually write but I will have more posts!

I have organization goals for the year. I have many areas that I can improve with being organized. (And, as I write this my 2 youngest boys are racing back and forth across the room and I can hardly organize my thoughts!) I think I will just mention one small organization goal for now (since, "Momma" "Maaaamma" is making it impossible to do more. I am determined to accomplish this little post).

Email Organization Goal: Do not keep more than one page of emails (approximately 20 emails) in my Inbox.

For some people, this isn't a significant goal. For me, it is keeping me on my toes. Sometime right after the holidays, I cleaned out my inbox. I had almost 300 emails in it!!! It is no wonder I never got back to people. My inbox was littered with advertisements, forwarded humorous emails, emails I thought I might want to refer back to and emails with picture attachments that I wanted to keep. It was very challenging and freeing to clear the emails out. By keeping the inbox uncluttered, I am actually starting to do a better job at responding to emails. It is also just one step in the decluttering process that I am taking on in other places in my home. Note: If you are waiting for a response from me to an email you sent, please resend your email. (Thanks so much for understanding.)


John & Carrie said...

Good goal. I like keeping my inbox clean too. After I've replied to an email, it gets moved to one of my subfolders (usually with that person's name). That way I still keep the email for reference or to save the pictures but my inbox is decluttered. If it is still in my inbox then it means I still need to respond or act on the email in some way.
thanks for sharing your goals!

Melissa Guay said...

That's a great goal - if my email inbox is cluttered, my mind is cluttered too. I do keep a ton of stuff but the inbox is reserved only for things I need to reply to or do something about. And I love organization!!! :)

Melissa Guay said...

Just had to tell you, I just cleaned out my email inbox - wow that feels good!!!! Thanks for the idea! :)