Monday, January 21, 2008

New Year Goals - Financial

I am improving my financial awareness. Money usually comes and goes for me and I don't always know where it goes! We set some financial goals for the year for our family. I decided larger goals will only be achieved when I set some small attainable goals for myself. Here are two of the changes I am making.

Clip Coupons: I am cutting out and using coupons. I have decided that this is a great way to save money. Not only are the coupons saving money for me but I am becoming more organized with my shopping in the process. So, it is much more than 45 cents here or there. We are already spending less on our grocery bill and it all started with clipping coupons!
Use the Library: I used to enjoy heading to Barnes and Nobles to get a book. It was more of an escape than anything. I would get my latte and browse the books. I would leave with a book for myself and often a few other things. My husband slowly brought me around to the idea of getting books from a used bookstore. You pay so much less for the books and you can sell them back! But now I have discovered a long forgotten joy from my childhood. The last few weeks I have been visiting the library. It is wonderful! I am enjoying books by authors I enjoy (just read two Jodi Piccolt books) and I am not spending any money.


Anonymous said...

Janeen buys her books from Amazon and when she is done she sells them on Amazon...sometimes for more than she paid originally.

Pam said...

Good for you, Jane Anne! I love the library and use it often.

I just need to keep up to date on when everything is due so that I'm not paying for overdue books . . . grrr . . . not like I'd know from experience or anything like that, you know!

I'm not a good coupon clipper at all. Instead, I started using store brand items for a lot of things and save a great deal that way.

Amy said...

I realized that was where a LOT of my money was going...books. So I have been trying to go to the library or borrow books from friends/family. It is tough though because I love the bookstore atmosphere and the smell of new books. It's an all around the library takes FOREVER to get the new releases. I'm on hold so long....ah well. It does save money. :)

I am NOT good with coupons but I have started making a grocery list before I go and it helps me not buy frivolously.

John & Carrie said...

We love using coupons. Back in the fall, something funny happened. I didn't realize that the main time Matt saw me using scissors was when I was using coupons. One day we got out the Play Doh, he grabbed the scissors and started cutting the Play Doh, saying, "Cutting coupons." For a while, every time he played with Play Doh, the Play Doh scissors were always used for him to "cut coupons".

On another note.
Here are two great websites:
(Ellie Kay wrote an awesome Christian book for military wives, but apparently she is mainly known for her financial expertise.)
(Awesome website that a friend sent me a few weeks ago that has coupon codes especially for online shopping--already it has saved me $30 and I have only used it twice.)

Carmom said...

Sounds so much like me!! I clip the coupons but keep forgetting to take them with me. I will get to the store and then remember them. I need to do better at that. I also need to start heading back to the library too. The kids and I enjoyed going to the library, when we first moved here but I haven't gone since this summer.

Good Luck!!

Seth said...

I like the coupon cutting... as long as I'mnot the one doing the cutting! I am just plain lazy sometimes... But Janey is right- it adds up quicky!

Kimberly said...

I have to admit that although I am very financially aware of what we have (or do not have) to spend, I still don't always use the wisest choices on what I buy. I used to be a HUGE coupon clipper but in recent years have really lagged in that area. Once we are in our house I will definitely need to start doing that more. I do try to shop the grocery adds and I have sort of a rule that I don't pay more than $2.50 for a box of cereal. And not just the small boxes either. I've also begun enjoying my local library again. One thing I love about it is that if I pick up a book that looks intriguing and then start reading it and find it boring and it doesn't hold my attention I don't HAVE to finish it. I never paid anything for it and so I just take it back in and isn't sitting around taunting me!

Anonymous said...

You should read "Miserly Moms". It's a great book - I'm reading it now. You and I are so on the same wave length for 2008!


Anonymous said...

Matt and I go on dates to Borders and walk around the store with a notepad and pen and write down all the things we want to get at the library - you still get the fun of book "shopping" and there is always enough to put on hold at the library that the wait is not long until something comes in.

Kristi Martin said...

Our library has an awesome website where you can request books, DVD, and CDs. They will transfer them from other libraries in our county and/or hold them for you when they are checked back in. They email when the books have arrived. I do almost all my reserving online. I love going to the library and they have a stack of books waiting for you. With my little ones there is very little time for browsing. Hope yours has something comparable.