Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our 504 Plan Allergy Meeting

I've written this post twice. My debate~ Should I share some details of our plan or just let the curious know how the meeting went? Sharing the details might help others but it also was going to be a really long post. If there's interest, I'll post more about the plans we put in place for my son.

Our 504 Plan Meeting:
Having a 504 Plan is new to us. Our last school didn't require it and we didn't think we needed it. This school asked for it as soon as they saw my son's medical forms from his allergist.

Initially, I was nervous. You can read about that here: The Big Reveal

The meeting went well. We were very pleased with the response from the school staff: principal, school nurse, school counselor, and teacher. We discussed my son's allergy history and talked about our desires for his plan. Ideas were bounced around and the results were that they are implementing what we wanted.

About 3/4 of the way through the meeting, the principal went to get my son's teacher. Our impression was that she had no idea that she was getting a peanut allergy kid in her classroom until the principal got her. That impression was based on the questions my husband heard her asking the principal on the way in the room. She also seemed the least at ease. That said, she was very amenable when we shared our classroom ideas.

The meeting was on Monday. On Friday, I went to the school to check in some of my son's meds. There was a notice about the school having a peanut allergy kid posted to the office window. Also, when we were meeting my 5th grader's teacher, she said something to the effect of, 'Oh, are you the one that has a peanut allergy kid?'. The staff had a meeting about my son's peanut allergy and the impact it would have on the school. She said it was a great meeting. I saw the school counselor that day and she told me they had their epipen training and a lot of great questions were asked. I also talked to my son's teacher again. I'm optimistic about how we will work together.

Tomorrow is the first day of school.

I have a mix of emotions:
I am sad summer is over.
I am excited for the kids to make friends.
I am nervous about my son feeling comfortable with the allergy provisions put in place.

I am not worried. I think, being nervous about school starting for an allergy kid is as normal as kids being excited about Christmas.


Foursons said...

So, so happy to read this! I would like to hear more details, but it is just out of curosity moreso than NEEDING to know. So if the post is long and a hassle to write, don't bother. But again, so happy for y'all!

McCrakensx4 said...

So glad that your new school is being so open with everyone. I have to tell you that I have switched schools this year and I have the nut free kinder room...I have 5 kids with nut allergies, 1 being severe. Last week I had my first episode where one of my little girls was touched by PB on her arm and started swelling (her face) in less than 5 minutes. Her mom has chosen for her not to sit at the nut free table as she didn't want to be the only one (even though I assured her she would not be)...I sent her down to the nurse, mom was called and benedryl was given and she is now sitting at the nut free table daily...pretty scary stuff for all involved. I am glad that your son will be safe.

Cinderella said...

Oh good, Jane Anne - I'd been wondering how it went, thank you for sharing the news!

I am so glad everyone at the school was on board for this with regard to your son once they knew!

If you weren't nervous about the first day of school, you wouldn't be the caring good Mom that you are.

Not being worried is a good sign that they made you feel confident about how he will be taken care of and that they are watchful.

Beth E. said...

I'm kind of curious about how they are handling the details. I had issues with our school trying to isolate our son from activities, instead of asking for no nuts in foods (and for parents to read the ingredients of foods they took to the classroom). Of course, this was many years ago, before there was much knowledge about nut allergies, but most children don't care for nuts in foods, anyway.

I'm impressed with what you have been told, and the steps the school is taking to ensure the safety of your son. Praying he - and your other children - will have a great, SAFE school year! :-)