Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day

We took pictures before and after school today.
This morning I did my traditional photos. While the kids were at school, I found wonderful signs (as free printables) at It was tricky but I convinced them to let me take more photos after they got home.

Of course, before I convinced them to do the photos, we had a tasty snack.


Brandi said...

Sooo cute!

Brandi said...

HAHA - I'm speedy tonight. ;) Looks yummy and I love the plates!

Cinderella said...

Jane Anne,
That's adorable - I loved seeing all three of them with their signs!

And the plates:)

Beth E. said...

The signs are great, the plates are cute, and the kiddos are adorable (and growing like weeds)!! ;-)

Foursons said...

The last picture with your daughter popping into it totally made me smile. And I'd like some cookies please and thank you.

Honey said...

You are so fun!

Anonymous said...

Love that they were each representin' their favorite teams...I think Thomas is my favorite. :) hee hee! All four kids are so cute! You have a FABULOUS family!