Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Destination Unknown

I was in the international terminal of the airport. Going through customs was proving to be a pain. Why were they searching every single item I owned? That's what it felt like. I was excited to be going on a trip and I was getting impatient to get the trip started.

Then, I woke up.

I sipped on the coffee that was tenderly left on the bedside table by my adoring husband.
I made my way into the living room and cuddled with a reading 7 year old. We discussed big screen TV's and why people can't live forever.
My 10 year old woke up. I inspected his arm, which is hurting from a fall he took on the soccer field (incidentally in the same place he broke it a few years ago).
I searched for missing legos for my 6 year old.
I discovered that my 3 year old calls a specific cereal "dry cereal" because when daddy gave it to her he let her have it dry and called it dry cereal. So, in her mind, only one kind of cereal is "dry" and she wanted milk with it.

Some days I feel like I am in a foreign world. How did I get here being doted on, discussing philosophy, doctoring kids, and deciphering language barriers.

My destination today is unknown.
I am trying to convince the kids it would be fun to visit the library and get signed up for library cards. One wants to go to the pool. One wants to play legos. One wants to play video games (Oh, who am I kidding? They all want to do that.) One wants to follow her older brother around and copy his actions.

I am not at all sure where we will end up. I do know it will be an eventful journey.

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